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Geoffroy Gérard

Faces of Change: The story of Geoffroy Gérard

I first began to understand the impact that each of us have on the planet at around 6 years old, when I became a Boy Scout back in Belgium. From my very first day working at the IE Foundation, I felt a renewed connection to that spirit of creating impact, respect for others and the will to positively change our surroundings.

Choosing the Sustainable Development Goals with which I identify my work, I would say adding together #4 (Quality Education) + #10 (Reduced Inequalities) + #17 (Partnerships for the goals). #31 is my number.

At the core of our institution is access to education and fostering a community of leaders for change: a group of diverse students, alumni, faculty, staff and stakeholders willing to engage in making a better society through their journey at IE.

I see the work and role of the foundation as an “igniter”, a source of support to endorse careers (through scholarships), knowledge (through the academic chairs and centers) and community actions (through social impact + values sponsorship activities) which make or will make a more sustainable environment. Each of us who has been supported by others has a responsibility to give back and promote change. That is the core of our motto: “Talent taking care of Talent” and that goes beyond just a claim!

I want to highlight one recent initiative, which shows this spirit of igniting impact. At the upcoming Campus Life Virtual Fair on February 3rd, the IE Foundation will launch its “Grants4Impact Challenge 2021”.  This initiative will offer three different IE clubs one grant of 1,000€ each to carry out a social-impact activity aimed at supporting IE values & building community. Through this type of initiative and by supporting the many club activities on issues such as diversity and inclusion, sustainability, idea-sharing and impact or cultural awareness, we aim to promote positive change on behalf of our committed donors and partners, on campus and beyond.

Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to be part of this community of igniters!