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Marta Cálix

Faces of Change: The story of Marta Cálix

I have always been in love with nature and wildlife. We are currently going through the world’s 6th mass extinction, losing species at an alarming rate, and destroying nature due to short-sightedness. To achieve a truly sustainable world, we need to ensure there is space for other species other than us. This is why I work in wildlife conservation, focusing on SDG 15 – Life on Land. I feel inspired every day by people around the world who work tirelessly to protect the beauty in our planet. I strongly believe in the power of people to come together and achieve tremendously difficult things. The SDGs are possibly one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced, and each of us needs to decide whether we will rise up to meet the challenge.

After having completed a Global MBA at IE Business School I wanted to help leverage the community of Alumni interested in sustainability and social innovation, bringing them together. That is why I and others from my class created the IE Alumni Sustainability and Social Innovation Club, a Club whose main goals are to help share information, network and help to catalyze action on the ground for the SDGs.