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Rachida Justo

Faces of Change: The story of Rachida Justo

I teach social entrepreneurship & impact investing at several academic levels (Executive, Graduate, Undergraduate and PhD), to raise the new generation of future impact-leaders. I am giving students the tools to change the world for the better through business practices. More generally, I prompt business students to think more expansively about their role in society, and to develop an awareness of the power of entrepreneurship to create sustainable and social value.

As a researcher, I have published in top-level academic journals about women and social entrepreneurship, often challenging widely held assumptions about the role of gender and non-economic goals in business.

I am also active in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem both in Spain and internationally. I have undertaken action research and consulting work that is directly relevant for public policy, producing for example several policy reports for the OECD, companies, and the Spanish Ministry of Diversity and Equal Opportunities. I have also served as a member of GECES, an Expert Group of the European Commission on Social Entrepreneurship (2012-2015) and as the academic director for an international social business accelerator.