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Sara Lindgren

Faces of Change: The story of Sara Lindgren

When I think how I can help in the cause of sustainability, I look to how I can be more responsible in both my personal and professional lives. In our family, we have made many changes to consume only what is necessary and what is healthy for all. We changed from plastic containers to glass, we purchase family size when possible so as to reduce unnecessary packaging, and of course we recycle everything: plastic, paper, toys, clothing, etc. Recycling is important, but the first source to attack is making sure to start with, that you have less garbage necessary to recycle. In my professional life, I look for opportunities within my role to further push the envelope. For the IE Global Alumni Weekend next year in which we expect 1000 attendees, we will not only have most merchandising made out of recyclable materials, but we also will provide non-plastic, reusable water bottles for the event. In my previous company, I led the digitalization of our entire contract flow: defining a paperless signature of all consumer sales in over 4000 stores across Spain, email confirmation, and digital custody for both the customer and legal purposes. This greatly reduces the overall carbon footprint in many ways – from 600.000 pages saved to unnecessary printing to less transportation of printed copies for legal custody.