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Soizic Belliard

Faces of Change: The story of Soizic Belliard

As far back as I remember, I have always been close to nature. I grew up in a small town in Normandy, France, a few miles away from the sea. On weekends I would take my bike and, with my brother, explore the nature surrounding us. We had fruit trees in the garden, little birds we fed in winter, and we would always recycle. As a young adult I spent my vacations hiking in natural parks, exploring the wildlife of Latin America, and getting to know more about the challenges of specific populations. Sustainability was something I did my best to practice without really putting a label on it. The turning point for me happened in Central America. The organization I worked for was sponsoring the construction of a recycling plant in a poor urban area. The first on-site visit was a real shock for me: I saw garbage spread over miles and miles. And right there in the middle of that chaos, dozens of young kids looking for something they could make money out of. That day, I realized that individual goodwill is not enough. Collectively, we need to take actions and make sure Sustainability is on the political agenda worldwide. Sustainability is not a vision. It’s a goal that, together, we can achieve.