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Stephanie Villemagne

Faces of Change: The story of Stephanie Villemagne

The best, most sure way to sustainable development in my view is education for all as this leads to better outcomes across society.

This being the key towards achieving all the others, the SDG I most associate my work with is quality education: This is the base for improving many if not all SDGs such as climate, sanitation or even ethnic and gender equality.

To try to have an impact in these areas, I volunteered for ocean clean ups and education, funded schools in Africa and, in partnerships with SPLASH projects, taken business students to Zambia to learn about the access of clean water and sanitation, to understand and act on its impact towards development.

I am inspired by the new generation of young activists like Greta or Malala, fighting for a sustainable future. I very much hope to contribute towards a better future for them through the promotion of education for all and the introduction of more courses and more programmes on sustainability at IE.