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  • A Multicultural Community This past year we welcomed at IE Business School’s campus students from 131 different countries.

  • Women at the forefront Participants of IE Women In Business leverage their education to reinvent their professional futures while they reinvent the way the world does business.

  • Celebrating Diversity At Global Village, IE’s most iconic annual festival, students from different regions showcase the best of their countries' culture, food, arts and traditions.

  • A club for everyone An Alumni network of more than 200 clubs and chapters worldwide organized by sectors, functional areas, geographical interests and affinity.

Diverse nationalities, cultures and ideas

IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are inalienable values of our identity. Students, graduates and professors from more than 160 countries nurture an ecosystem rich in visions and ideas.

For the last four decades IE has been firmly committed to diversity as one of its fundamental values. Freedom and respect for diversity are inalienable values that form an integral part of our identity. More than 60,000 IE students, alumni and professors from over 160 countries make up an eco-system that is rich in visions and ideas.

Diversity in terms of geography, gender and culture enrich the IE Experience, building a broader vision of the world and serving as a powerful engine for innovation. Hence we defend freedom of movement in the belief that it brings the exchange of knowledge among experts from different fields, access to talent from all over the world, and the possibility of listening to new voices and coming together to achieve new objectives. The strength derived from the sum of these voices has been with us from the outset and forms part of who we are.

Initiatives like IE's Center for Diversity Management, created in 2002, helps drive diversity as a competitive advantage in the corporate world through knowledge generation and the dissemination of know-how. The Center's key objectives include examining the impact of diversity management within the business world, developing learning programs, and fostering reflection, debate and the exchange of ideas in the field of diversity.

IE Center for Diversity in Global Management

Created in 2002, its mission is to promote diversity management of gender, culture, personality and age as a competitive advantage in the corporate world, through reflection, creation of knowledge and the dissemination of know-how.

Center for Diversity centerfordiversity@ie.edu

IE Governance

The Diversity and Equality Commission was created to safeguard and ensure that the only elements that condition the treatment of students and personnel at IE Business School is their academic and professional performance. cdgm@ie.edu

Ethics Code

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Find out the latest updates regarding IE alumni worldwide from our Alumni Blog and keep up to date on events and job search resources posted on our Careers Blog.

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Supporting Diversity Every Step of the Way

Diversity is rooted throughout the whole IE Experience. It starts from the recruitment process and continues beyond graduation. The initiatives portrayed below are just a brief sample of the multiple activities offered by all departments and programs at IE through which our students learn how to truly manage diversity on their path towards becoming global leaders.

Recruitment & Admissions

"Being part of IE for the past 4 years has given me the opportunity to meet people with unique backgrounds. No single person is different at IE because everyone is! You can easily feel that everyone is at ease."

Sabine Yazbeck, International Development Associate Director for the Middle East & Africa
IE University Admissions IE Post-Graduate Admissions

Financial Aid and Diversity at IE

Supporting diversity at IE is something we take very seriously, and this holds true with respect to program funding as well.  Diversity is not only about ensuring a balanced ratio of women and men in the classroom, it also means recruiting top students from a wide-array of academic and professional backgrounds, and from countries which are typically less represented at top international schools.

  • Program-Specific Scholarships

    Having a highly diverse student population is something we invest in.  So as part of our scholarship offering for diversity candidates, you will find that there is a selection of scholarships available for specific programs.  To locate these scholarships, use the Program Search option, in the Financial Aid section.

  • Professional Organizations

    Because we believe that having strong networking and mentorship opportunities is a key way to help diverse candidates reach the most senior decision making bodies at the world's top organizations, we work with professional organizations to support their members who wish to complete a master degree at IE.  You'll find these scholarships by searching for scholarships applicable to your program of admission, on the Financial Aid web site.

  • Geography-Specific Scholarships

    Because IE is constantly focused on ensuring that we not only recruit top professionals in general, but from specific geographic regions as well, we have a selection of scholarships focused on helping & supporting different candidates, from specific countries and regions worldwide, to study at IE. To locate these scholarships, use the Geographic Area search option in the Financial Aid section.

  • Student Loans from IE

    IE has several loan agreements with leading financial institutions, in order for diverse candidates who are admitted to an IE master program can also access a student loan directly through IE’s financial partners.  While a loan from an IE partner institution can be combined with a scholarship or a fellowship, only full time students can access these loans due to the Bank of Spain’s regulations related to fiscal residency.

more on Financial Aid

Support for International Students

In order to ensure and facilitate that our international students’ arrival in Madrid is made as easy as possible, our Student Office helps them obtain visas and other relocation services that they might need.

On many occasions, we have students who come to Spain to pursue a program accompanied by their partners and families. The adaptation of students as well as their families is extremely important to us. They become an integral part of the IE community from day one, and enjoy access not only to IE’s facilities, but to all the extra-curricular activities that are organized at IE.

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Relocation Services at IE Business School

We offer various resources to help with obtaining visas, learning Spanish, finding accommodation, securing a doctor, starting a mobile phone contract and understanding housing contracts.

Language Center at IE University

As an international university, we value highly a proficiency in English, Spanish, and other languages and prepare students to communicate in international workplaces. At the Language Studies Center, English and Spanish classes are personalized and adapted to meet your level and needs.

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    Specific programs to support women

    Participants in the mentoring program for high potential women at IE at the launch of the 2010 edition.

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    IE attracts students from more than five continents

    The possibility of meeting fellow students from all over the world as well as international faculty is one of the features of IE most valued by our students.

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    Working with professional organizations to support women

    Women Networking Event in Lisbon organized by European Professional Women Network and IE.

Diversity in class

At IE Business School diversity is real and tangible everyday and everywhere. This past year we welcomed on campus students from 92 different countries. 87% of the International MBA students are foreigners, from 75 countries. The percentage of international students is very high across all programs at IE: 91% at the Master in Finance, 75% at the Master in International Management or 82% at the Global Executive MBA, to name just a few examples. 30% of all International MBA students are women. This percentage reaches 34% in the Master in International Management.

Community life at IE

Clubs at IE are created and run by students and alumni. These are just a few examples of the more than 50 existing clubs.

  • IE Women in Business

    IE Women In Business is a unique multicultural network of ambitious and entrepreneurial executive women. We leverage our education at IE Business School to reinvent our professional futures while we reinvent the way the world does business. And we’re passionate about it!

    IE Women in Business
  • IEOut & Allies Club

    The objective of IEOut, the “Gay & Lesbian IE Network”, is to be the reference for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender (LGBT) and their friends, at IE. This network wants to promote and spread respectful attitudes towards the Gay community and to foster the best practices to integrate them in the academia and in the workplace.

  • IE Africa Club

    The IE Africa is a culmination of both African and non-African students who have seen it fit to create awareness of the African continent, its rich culture and the myriad of opportunities that the continent offers.

    IE Africa Club
  • IE Emerging Markets

    The goal of the IE Emerging Markets Club is to tap into our community’s collective diversity and wealth of resources and capabilities to enlighten future leaders on the growing role and influence of emerging economies.

    IE Emerging Markets
  • IE Arabian Club

    The main goal of the IE Arabian Club is to bridge the gap between the Arabic speaking countries and the rest of the world.

    IE Arabian Club
  • IE German Speakers Club

    The objective of the IE German Speaker Club is to serve as a meeting point for all the German speaking members of IE community.

    IE German Speakers Club
Club Listings
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    Global Village

    Global Village is one of IE’s most iconic annual festivals that celebrates cultural diversity in our community. Students from different regions showcase the best of their countries' culture, food, arts and traditions.

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    Global Village

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    Exchange trip to China

    International MBA students visit Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in a short exchange trip.

Opportunities for Diversity Immersion

Beyond the classroom there are many opportunities to get a global perspective. Look out for formally and informally organized activities that will expand your outlook.

  • Exchanges and trips

    IE  students can further build on their cross-cultural experience by opting to spend  a semester with any one of IE’s partner schools worldwide.  IE has teamed-up with more than 100 leading, international institutions to bring its students the opportunity to take diversity to new levels.

  • Global Village

    Global Village is one of IE’s most iconic annual festivals that celebrates cultural diversity in our community.  Students from different regions showcase the best of their countries' culture, food, arts and traditions.

    Alumni News Blog

Diversity in your curriculum

Diversity specific courses encourage forums in which to discuss the role of managing differences within the professional environment. In the classroom, workgroups are designed to truly reflect the diversity of the school. They provide a context in which students gain practical experience in managing diversity.

This is just a sample of some of our courses aimed to further our students’ exposure to diversity.

  • CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENT. Master in International Management

    This program will develop the skills, knowledge and personal attributes of the participants in order for them to succeed in a global business environment.

    more information

    Humans everywhere insist on forming groups—religions, political parties, punk rock bands—based on their adherence to beliefs and practices. IE Business School believes that diversity is a virtue rather than a problem. In this session, we will discuss what to do about the persisting diversity at IE, in the workplace and in society in general.

    more information
  • GENDER EQUALITY. Master in International Relations

    This course focuses on explaining the barriers that inequality among men and women generates, how it varies across societies and sectors of the business world, and the potential solutions to overcoming this unjust situation.

    more information
  • Minorities. Bachelor in Communication, IE University

    This course engages students in the study of the social circumstances and media portrayals of ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, religious, and status group minorities in liberal democratic societies. It aims to promote tolerance, empathy, open-mindedness, and respect for dialogue and diversity.

    more information
  • Creative Management Thinking. International MBA

    What does a corn trader in ancient Rome have to teach us about incentive schemes? Designed to provide MBA students with different methodologies and ways to consider key elements of how we approach business, the class challenges students to come up with their own frameworks, with the objective to incorporate diversity and think of ways to improve their managerial and decision-making skills.

    more information
  • Get the Best of Both Worlds. Global Senior Management Program (GSMP)

    The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and IE Business School have jointly developed this training experience tailored for senior managers around the world.

    more information
  • Forté Foundation Webinars for Women. Career development

    IE Business School is a Forté Foundation member school, allowing female MBA students the opportunity to access continued training benefits to help them achieve their career goals.

    more information

Faculty & Research

  • Rachida Justo
    Professor of Entrepreneurial Management and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Patricia Gabaldón
    Profesor of Economic Environment
  • Tara Wernsing
    Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Salvador Aragón
    Professor of Information Systems
  • Jose Esteves
    Professor of Information Systems
  • Margarita Alonso
  • Celia de Anca
    Professor of Global Diversity
  • Margarita Mayo
    Professor of Organizational Behaviour
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  • Video

    Companies recruit at IE for positions worldwide

    Diversity at IE is mentioned by organizations as one of the reasons why they attend IE’s International Career Fair.

Career Management

At the Career Management Center (CMC), we see tremendous diversity in regards to where IE students secure their employment opportunities. 40% of recruiting companies are international. Diversity in functional areas include General Management, 21%; Marketing/Sales, 18% and Finance 17%. IE students entered the following industries: Consulting, 25%; Finance, 20%, Consumer Goods, 12% and Technology, 10%.

For more information, please visit Careers.

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    Promoting top female Alumns

    Fernando Barnuevo, president of IE’s Alumni Association, interviews María Cordón, CEO of Quirón Hospitals.

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    Committed to business and to society

    IE Alumni and students who integrate the Net Impact Club promote the Social Responsibility Forum. Its goal this year was to reconcile sustainability and business development.

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    IE Alumni participate in the female IE soccer team

    IE students and alumni can integrate IE teams in various sports, such as soccer or sailing.


The IE Alumni Association develops the relationships between all members of the IE community, promotes lifelong learning and creates opportunities for networking and doing business. Currently alumni form a community of over 40.000 professionals characterized by its diversity and geographic dispersion. IE alumni are active in all economic sectors, from consulting to the non-governmental organizations.