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Kriti Jain


Kriti Jain


Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Associate Professor, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Kriti Jain is Associate Professor (with tenure) in the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources area.  She is a leading management expert with a unique inter-disciplinary background specializing in decision-making and risk management, especially in the strategic contexts of top leadership and public policy.

Kriti is a recipient of several prestigious grants from the European Union and Spanish government for her research on decision-making. She is a PhD in Decision Sciences from INSEAD (ranked in top 3 in Financial Times global rankings).

Her research work has been published in leading science, management, economics, and psychology journals including, Management Science, Harvard Business Review, Human Resource Management, Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, and Journal of Operations Management.

Professor Jain’s courses and training programs on Decision-Making, Leadership, Managing Talent, and Negotiations conducted for business leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and doctoral scholars have consistently received top ratings. She has developed training programs on women leadership and entrepreneurship in collaboration with United Nations.

Before joining full-time academics, Kriti worked with McKinsey and Co. on risk management projects focusing on energy and materials sector for global clients based in Europe and Middle East.

In her teaching, she is particularly interested in giving students a hands-on real-life experience using a mix of simulations, role-plays, and in-class demonstrations. “When students start designing organizational interventions and test for their consequences, say with experiments, the classes become more meaningful”, she says.

“Developing a critical understanding of how their actions, as managers, translate into consequences for the organizations is crucial. I continuously push students to look for evidence before believing any theories”.


• Ph.D. in Management (Specialization in Decision Sciences) INSEAD (Singapore)

• M.A., Economics (Gold Medalist) Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi (India)

• B.A., Economics (Honors) Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi (India)

Latest Publications

• Li, S., Jain, K., Tzini, K. (2021). “When Supervisor Support Backfires: The Link Between Perceived Supervisor Support and Unethical Pro-supervisor Behavior”. Journal of Business Ethics

• Jain, K., Narayanan, P. (2020). “Una evaluación seria (hasta cierto punto) del humor en el lugar del trabajo”. Harvard Deusto Review, Vol. 299: 49-51

• Tzini, K., Jain, K. (2018). “Unethical behavior under relative performance evaluation: Evidence and remedy”. Human Resource Management, Vol. 57 (6): 1399-1413

• Jain, K. (2018). “When Competition Between Coworkers Leads to Unethical Behavior”. Harvard Business Review, Vol.  (December)

• Tzini, K; Jain, K. (2017). “The role of anticipated regret in advice taking”. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, Vol. 31 (1): 74-86