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Bring out your creativity and make brands matter
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The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media
Is for individuals who are...

creatively minded with an international outlook. You are eager to influence change and truly engage with global audiences.

Looking for...

a program that develops your critical and strategic thinking skills. You want to find creative and meaningful ways to engage people with brands through dynamic, hands-on and technically well-executed project creation.

To become...
  • an advertising champion
  • a digital content creator
  • a digital media strategist
  • a branding account executive
  • a communication manager
  • a marketing communication manager
IE University’s Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media is for people who want to make brands shine. With a solid educational foundation, and a technologically innovative, hands-on approach, this marketing-focused program forms the next generation of communication professionals. Guided by our expert faculty, in a diverse international setting, learn how to develop meaningful messages that resonate with global audiences.

The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media is fully compliant with the Bologna Process, and is accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Undergraduate Degrees


4 years




Segovia or Madrid



Mode of study




Want to know more?


You can study the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media in Segovia and Madrid.

If you decide to start in Segovia, you will spend year one and two at the campus in Segovia, before moving to Madrid for year three and four. If you start the program in Madrid, however, you will spend all four years of the program in the Spanish capital.

Location - 4 years in Madrid or 2 years in Segovia + 2 years in Madrid | IE University

Fact Sheet


Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media


4 years



Centres of study and Number of places

Centro de Estudios Superiores IE (Madrid) – 60 places

Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Sociales y de Comunicación (Segovia) – 60 places


Total number of credits: 240 ECTS*

Distribution of credits and subjects**:

Core subjects – 60 ECTS

Mandatory subjects – 138 ECTS

Elective subjects – 30 ECTS

Final Project – 12 ECTS

Area of knowledge

Journalism, Communication, Advertising and Public Relations

Teaching methodology


Spanish ministry’s registry of universities, centres and degrees


Assurance agency

ACSUCYL*** – Buscador Títulos Oficiales


*European Credit Transfer System

**The character of the subjects is defined by the Spanish legislation

***Quality Assurance Agency for the University System in Castilla y León

Our Bachelor Degree in Communication and Digital Media Pillars

The pillars of Communication and Digital Media at IE University

Foster your creativity and make brands matter in the digital era.


This program has been designed to prepare multifaceted professionals who are capable of tackling challenges in the fast-paced communication and digital world. Thanks to the unique design and structure of this program, you will gain the essential knowledge and skills you need to become a corporate and marketing communication professional. As an expert in this field, you will be capable of leading teams in this thrilling and dynamic industry, whether it be in a business setting or a more commercial environment.


Learning how to balance creativity and strategy is crucial for delivering successful communication campaigns. In this program you will unleash your creativity through challenges aimed at exploring the boundaries of your imagination. You will also learn how to combine these creative skills with strategic and critical thinking methods. This will allow you to channel your ideas into practical, effective communication strategies.


Today more than ever, content plays a key role in delivering effective communication and marketing messages. In this program, you will learn how to create the right content for the right audiences, and how to deliver it through the most effective channels. You will learn these skills through practice and by applying class knowledge to real-life challenges and projects.


Our MediaLab is the perfect environment to experiment and bring your projects to life. In this environment, you will have access to state-of-the-art resources and tools that will help you create, design, and produce all kinds of communication projects. The MediaLab is a key element of your undergraduate experience at IE University—a place where you’ll be able to truly combine teamwork, creative skills, and strategic vision to make your ideas happen.


The MediaLab is more than just a physical space: it’s a concept and a culture. It’s a tech-forward hive of buzzing creativity, where classroom theories are put into practice, breathing life into projects that began as simple ideas. Create content across platforms: videos, podcasts, illustrations, graphic designs and websites—unleash your unique vision.

From your very first semester to the end of your fourth year, you will dive into the MediaLab culture, building up a portfolio of projects and a proficiency with materials that will make your resume shine. And for you budding communications executives, mold the MediaLab to your needs as a hub to implement and manage tools needed to convey different professional messages.

No matter your aim or ambition, as you work on projects and assignments in a disruptive, collaborative environment, you will enter the job market ahead of the game, ready to take on the challenges of the future.


The Oven is designed as a hub for students to mix their different ideas and bake them to perfection. This is a meeting space, where you can explore visual references, pick apart movies and tv shows together and come up with strategies to implement your own projects.

Use the Production Studio to suit your production needs: as a audio-visual project-executing facility or as a resource for technical support in the production stage.


The Photography Studio is an area to conduct photo shoots for print and web projects.

In the Editing Room all audiovisual your editing and post production project needs are met, with plenty of technical staff support on hand to help you look for solutions when finalizing your projects.


IE Business School has been granted the prestigious “Triple Crown Accreditation” by the most highly respected business school accreditation associations. This honor is shared with a select few, with a mere 97 business schools worldwide (less than 1% of all business schools in the world) as of March 2020. The “Triple Crown Accreditation” certifies that the IE Business School's unique education model—based on innovative teaching methodologies and a commitment to breaking boundaries—is among the best in the world.


IE Business School is one of Europe's leading business schools, appearing in prestigious international rankings by Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, América Economía, among several others. Check out IE Business School's latest rankings:
Global MBA Worldwide - QS. June, 2018
Business Schools in Europe - The Aspen Institute, September, 2011
Global Online MBA worldwide - Financial Times Online MBA ranking, 2021
Global MBA Worldwide - Financial Times. March, 2020
European Business Schools in Europe - Financial Times. December, 2017
Interntional MBA Worldwide - Forbes. October 2017
Business Schools Worldwide - The Aspen Institute. September, 2011
Master in Finance for getting a hedge fund, private equity and asset management job placement - efinancialcareers. March, 2017
International MBA in Europe - Financial Times. January 2017
Executive Education Worldwide - América Economía. November, 2016
Master in Finance for getting an investment banking job - eFinancialCareers. March 2019
Master in Management Worldwide - QS. September, 2018
International MBA Worldwide - América Economía. May, 2017
International MBA Worldwide - QS. September, 2018
Non-US MBA Schools Worldwide - Bloomberg Businessweek. November, 2017


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