“Thanks to the master’s program, I am able to connect more with others and with myself, I would actually say that it has changed my life more personally than professionally.”

Lizbeth, Puerto Rico

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Lizbeth Hernández

About me

Lizbeth Hernández is a passionate HR professional who cares deeply about developing others and helping organizations thrive. Currently, she works at Amazon as an HR Generalist in the Barcelona office, supporting the company’s HR and business partners in special projects. Throughout her studies and early career, she interned with various organizations where she was able to gain experience in recruiting top talent, strategic planning, and change management. Above all, Lizbeth strives to help people fulfill their potential.

Lizbeth Hernández, Puerto Rico


HR Generalist

Define your experience in the program in one word


Have you changed your country of residence after studying the program? 

I haven’t had the chance to move yet, but hopefully very soon! I’m open to exploring opportunities worldwide, anywhere where I can make an impact. I’m especially interested in the US and its territories and have some options there for early next year.

What were some of the main challenges that you encountered along the way? How did your master’s program and IE University help you through these challenges? 

Honestly, most of my challenges were personal—things I was dealing with that felt exclusive to my experience. However, what surprised me was the level of empathy that professors and classmates had. Even though they were not in my shoes and perhaps didn’t fully understand my situation, they were considerate and thoughtful.

In what way has the program changed your life personally?

In a lot of ways! I would actually say the program has changed my life more personally than professionally. Thanks to the master’s program, I am able to connect more with others and with myself, and I’m more self-aware.

Do you have any advice for IE University students and alumni who are looking to pursue a career in HR? What skills are necessary to excel in your field?

You should definitely evaluate how you handle tough situations and how strong your soft skills are when things go wrong. The thing about HR is that it’s not all peaches and cream. There are times where there is a lot of conflict, a lot of delivering bad news, and a lot of not being someone’s favorite person. Whether it’s telling someone they didn’t get the job, having tough conversations with unions, handling misunderstandings, or letting someone go, it’s hard to be the bearer of bad news. What matters is how you do it—with tact and compassion. You have to remember that jobs are personal. It’s people’s source of income for themselves and their families. Future HR professionals have to take this responsibility seriously and be up to the challenge. To summarize, you need to truly care for people and not be afraid of tough situations.

Tell us about the IE University alumni community and the impact they’ve had in your life and career. Why do you think it is important to engage with the alumni community?

I decided to go to IE University because of a conversation I had with an alum. Like me, she was from Puerto Rico, so I could really see myself in her. She inspired me to pursue the master’s. The alumni community is proof that representation matters. It’s important to see yourself at a university before deciding to join, and the alumni community allows you to do that. Plus, it’s a chance to build lifelong memories and friendships.

What is your favorite memory of the experience?

Traveling with my class to Torrelodones, a lovely historic village in the outskirts of Madrid. We were able to connect on a much deeper level. I felt like in this different environment, immersed in this experience together, I got to know our true essence as people, not just classmates. I only wish it had been longer.