“IE Business School changed my life, and not only because I met my fiancé while I was studying there.”

Mariña, Spain

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Mariña Martínez

About me

I have lived in more than six countries across two different continents, but I’m originally from Cambados—a beautiful village in Galicia, Spain. I consider myself to be a positive person and a quick learner who is also resilient, curious and open to looking at things from different perspectives. I’m passionate about my job and banking in general, but outside of work, I am a music, art and food enthusiast.

Mariña Martínez, Spain


Market Risk Manager, Nordea

Program studied

Master in Finance

Ambition as a driving factor

Always curious to learn new things, Mariña loves banking and the way it’s connected to countries and to the development of society. She’s particularly drawn to risk management as it offers the opportunity to maximize bank assets while simultaneously fulfilling regulation and monitoring impact.

Mariña’s interest in banking is strongly connected to her academic and professional path. She holds a certification in business with a specialization in finance that she later complemented with a master’s degree in international business. During her last year of undergraduate studies, she began working in trade for a company in Lisbon until she moved to Copenhagen to work as a sales trader for the Danish company, Saxo Bank. Currently, she is working in counterparty credit risk infrastructure at Nordea in Copenhagen.

IE Business School’s reputation, the faculty and the program’s study plan were the driving factors in Mariña’s decision to study the Finance Program. Her mentor also played a key role in her decision, encouraging her to pursue the master’s degree as it would open doors to a vast array of opportunities.

Mariña says that she couldn’t possibly choose just one thing that she liked most about the program. However, she does say that her classmates, the professors and the constant interaction were highlights. Forum discussions, case studies and practical-thinking experiences kept her and the other participants busy and engaged throughout the program.

“The Finance Program was an experience of growth, enrichment and development. It allowed me to work hard and showed me that I am able to do way more than I previously thought.”

What’s more, the Liquid Learning methodology allowed her to work and study at the same time, meaning she never had to put her education or career on hold. This flexible format resulted in her studying with classmates from across the globe, and Mariña being the only Spanish person in her cohort. Despite the fact that they all worked in finance, her classmates came from various professional backgrounds. From CFOs and auditors to portfolio and risk managers, Mariña was ultimately forced to think beyond the standardized mindset and explore new ideas.

This exposure to leading professionals in the industry pushed Mariña to believe that she is capable of pursuing both personal and professional opportunities that she never would have considered before. Reaching beyond her program, she was also given networking opportunities with professors, participants in other programs and the extensive alumni community.

Stating that IE Business School professors enriched her with both their knowledge and personal experiences, Mariña believes that the format behind the Finance Program served as a great boost in terms of communication skills, critical thinking and learning how to work with empathy. She also enhanced her skills using Excel and other technical tools, as well as in valuation and accounting principles—allowing her to be a more well-rounded professional.

In the long term, and at the risk of sounding cliché, Mariña wants to make an impact in her sector as well as in society. She wants to be part of the new banking paradigm, which she believes is driven by the increase in regulation and advances in technology. Apart from learning as much as possible, she also wants to share her experience and expertise in any way she can, especially as today’s world of work is full of constant change.

The Finance Program allowed Mariña to develop, grow and feel prepared to embrace the next chapter of her professional career. She believes that the program has a constant, lasting exponential influence. Mariña would advise future students to put in the work because the reward is worth it and the experience will last forever.

All in all, studying the Finance Program changed both Mariña’s professional and personal life–specifically the personal part as she met her fiancé during her studies. Congratulations Mariña, we look forward to hearing about your continued success!