Dual Degrees with Master in Management There’s no limit to how far you can go

A career-crafting professional exploration

Break out of the convention and direct your attention towards that which really interests you. IE’s Dual Degrees offer you the opportunity to think in new ways and forage for new information that will help carve out your very own career through management and a specialized master.

Why study a Dual Degree with us?

Have a look below and see how the powerful mix of General Management with our well-chosen specializations can help propel your career.

check out our double degrees with our MASTER IN MANAGEMENT

MIM + Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Enhance your business skills to integrate data insights into any organization.

MIM + MBABD English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Market Research and Costumer Behavior

Enhance your business knowledge. Become a consumer expert.

MIM + MRCB English | Madrid

MIM + Master in International Relations

Follow your international calling. Become a strategic player.

MIM + MIR English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication

Embrace a 360º managerial vision. Become the voice of your company. 

MIM + MCMC English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Visual & Digital Media

Unlock your creativity. Lead and manage projects from start to finish.

MIM + MVDM English | Madrid

MIM + Master of Laws (LLM)

Walk in your client’s shoes. Be a better problem solver.

MIM + LLM English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

Transform the experience of users and customers by developing innovative products, services and brands.

MIM + Customer Experience English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Transform the workplace. Play a key role in the new career paths in human resources and business.

MIM + Talent Management English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Cybersecurity

Protect your company and make it succeed in the new digital world.

MIM + Cybersecurity English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Finance

Gain the confidence of your supervisor. Enhance your value as an analyst through the knowledge of business.

MIM + MIF English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Corporate Compliance (LLM)

Combine managemnet and corporate compliance for a boost in your corporate career.

MIM + Compliance 07/04/2018 - 10/06/2019 | English

MIM + Master in Global Taxation (LLM)

Management and Global Taxation.

MIM + Global Taxation English | Madrid

MIM + Master in Estate Development

Our School of Architecture and Design teams up with our Master in Management

MIM + Real Estate English | Madrid