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Infuse your international career with fast-paced, innovative thinking with this Dual Degree. IE University is known around the world for providing top-tier business education programs, and the Master in Management is no exception. Students are rigorously trained in the art of effective project management and business planning, preparing them for future success in organizations and firms across the globe.

IE University is constantly innovating and improving, while always prioritizing the ideal combination of theory and practice in higher education. This Dual Degree is the perfect example; students learn to optimize business results through the Master in Management, then sharpen their international knowledge and analytical skills with a Master in International Relations.

Designed to fit each student’s individual preferred area of study, the Master in International Relations allows you to specialize in one of three areas—Geopolitics and Diplomacy, International Economics and Business, or Global Governance and International Cooperation—as well as one geographical region. It also includes foreign language studies and opportunities for international exchange and fieldwork experience.

Both parts of the program culminate in consulting projects that allow students to demonstrate their critical thinking ability, interpersonal skills and management expertise.


Your academic journey

18 Months


January to July

July to September

October to July

6 Months

2 Months

10 Months





Master in Management

Summer break

Master in International Relations


The total tuition for this Dual Degree is €60,750*.

Tuition Fees for the upcoming intake: ​
- February 2023 intake: €63,000*​

IE uses a rolling admissions process; therefore, there is no single application deadline. However, we recommend applying early given the limited number of places in the program.

The fee includes the following:

• All expenses related to academic learning, including: Access to relevant technology, multimedia learning tools, conferences, access to physical and digital library resources and access to the various IE Centers of Excellence.

• A contribution to IE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which supports students during and after the program.

Please bear in mind that the tuition fee does not include the admissions fee that amounts to 150€. This amount is not refundable and cannot be deduced from the cost of the program. Admission to the program is valid for two successive intakes.

*To become an IE University student, all IE Community members should make a one-off contribution to the IE Foundation. This is a single payment of €1,200 to be made during the enrollment process.

Learn more about the admission process and entry requirements

The Faculty

Ranging from a diverse number of nationalities and backgrounds, our faculty is made up of practitioners, entrepreneurs, executives, academic experts and even authors published in top journals who are completely accessible to students, guiding them in the path to accomplish their goals.

Explore each program

This dual degree is a combination of the two following programs. Explore their websites for more details.

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  • The MIR opened my eyes to a whole new world of concepts, companies and connections in the international world. Five years later, there is no part of my life that isn’t impacted by my experience at IE every single day. I have my dream job, and best of all, I have great friends all over the world.

    Jamie Van Horne

    Consultant, Camber Collective.

Dual Degrees Team


Dual Degree Team

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