Master’s Awards and Scholarships


Below you can explore the award and scholarship opportunities available for master's programs. The deadline for scholarships is the start date of the program unless otherwise specified. For all awards, no application is required. For all scholarships, financial need is taken into consideration, especially for talented candidates who demonstrate constraints in accessing alternative financing options, such as loans. Please note that complying with the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee a favorable resolution.


These merit-based awards are granted automatically to candidates upon admission without needing to submit a scholarship application. All admissions applicants are automatically considered.

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    IE Scholarships

    These scholarships are open to candidates for all master’s programs and can cover 10-40% of tuition fees. The deadline for scholarships is the start date of the program.

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      IE Partner’s Scholarships

      IE University collaborates with several partnering organizations to offer these scholarship opportunities. Please note that some scholarships require that you submit an external scholarship application.

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