Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for scholarships?

You can apply for scholarships as soon as you have received your admission or conditional admission to IE University and always before the start date of your program.

How many scholarships can I apply for?

You can apply to and be considered for up to three scholarships. In the case that the Scholarship Committee considers you a good fit for more than one scholarship, you will only be offered the scholarship of highest value.

How long does it take to receive a resolution from the Scholarship Committee?

It usually takes one to three weeks to receive the resolution once you and your parents/guardians have submitted the scholarship application.

Can I use the scholarship to pay the place reservation fee?

No. If you are granted a scholarship, the amount will be applied to your tuition fees and cannot be used to pay nor applied to the place reservation fee.

Are scholarships need-based or merit-based?

All scholarships that require an application are a combination of need- and merit-based. There are also merit-based direct awards that do not require an application. All candidates are automatically considered for merit-based direct awards during the admissions process.

What documentation is required for the scholarship application?

You will be required to submit a short essay and provide contact information for the parents or guardians who are financially supporting you. Your parent or guardian will be required to submit their respective financial documentation such as their last three pay slips, and most recent income tax declaration (in English or in Spanish).

What information should I include in the essay?

You should include details about your financial situation, how you plan to cover all costs associated with the program and describe why you consider yourself a standout candidate for the specific scholarships to which you are applying. (Note that some partner scholarships require a special essay, the details of which can be found in the scholarship description).

Is there a deadline to apply for scholarships?

The deadline to apply for most of our scholarships is the start date of the program, unless otherwise specified in the scholarship description. Funds are allocated on a rolling basis, so candidates are encouraged to apply at their earliest convenience.

I have been offered a scholarship. What do I need to do to secure it?

If you have been offered a scholarship, it’s important to formally reserve your place in the program by the established deadline to secure your scholarship and place in your degree.

The scholarship resolution that I received was not what I expected. What can I do?

We encourage you to look intoalternatives, such as loans or other external funding sources. The Scholarship Committee cannot revise your application unless you are able to demonstrate significant and unexpected change to your financial situation. The deadline to demonstrate these changes is the program start date.

I have already started my program. Can I apply for scholarships?

No, scholarship applications must be received before the start date of the program.

Do you offer full scholarships?

IE Scholarships offer partial coverage of tuition fees. The IE Parents ‘Young Talented Leaders Program’ offers a 100% scholarship and living expenses, and please keep in mind that this scholarship has a special application deadline and is highly competitive.

I was not able to reserve my place in the program before the specified deadline, can I keep my scholarship?

Scholarships are automatically canceled when a candidate does not reserve their place by the specified deadline so that the funds can be re-allocated to other candidates. If you do not reserve your place in the program by the deadline, you will need to request that your scholarship be reactivated, which is not guaranteed to be possible.

How do I apply for loans?

Send an email to to learn about the agreement conditions that we have with various financial institutions. If you meet the conditions for one of our agreements, we will let you know the next steps.

What is the living cost in Spain?

Living costs vary between Madrid and Segovia, and on the type of residence or apartment that you choose. You can find more information in the Student Services Website.