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Letter from the Director

Dear Prospective Student,

Cities are centers for innovation, culture and learning.  Real estate developments are one of the main catalysts for growth and social development  in cities, as they bring people and businesses together and form communities. They also create some of the most significant environmental impacts related to climate change.

Today, the urbanization is occurring at unprecedented speed and scale.  The majority of the world’s population lives in urban centers and the figures are growing. This translates into an increasing role for responsible real estate developments.   Technology is also evolving and will provide new opportunities to effectively address emerging challenges. Investment environments are now global and becoming more complex; new governance models will impact the way we build, manage, and live in cities to create more competitive and democratic territories.

This 21st century is undergoing the most profound urban revolution to date, and in response, IE School of Architecture and Design has launched a Master in Real Estate Development (MRED).

This program goes beyond a traditional development approach by exploring real estate development in relation to the city in its many facets. MRED will provide a 360º understanding of the real estate development process and the agents, tools and techniques involved. Students will acquire a solid foundation in the economic, financial, strategic, and legal aspects of real estate development throughout the world.  The MRED program has been initiated by IE School of Architecture and Design,  an innovative, international institution, which embraces expanding roles for architecture and design to meet the challenges of today´s world. Moreover, IE’s world-class faculty is comprised of entrepreneurs, executives, academic experts and authors who publish in top journals. They bring intellectual diversity and practical insights straight to the classroom to create rich and challenging programs.

As a result, students in the Master in Real Estate Development, will be able to acquire up-to-date knowledge, use new and innovative tools to become leading professionals of the future. The program will acknowledge the large variety of stakeholders involved in the development process, guaranteeing participation, communication and transparency. It will offer a unique environment to address global competition and long term economic sustainability.  Students will acquire a unique social responsibility approach: real estate development, businesses and land development that will be socially, environmentally and economically sustainable, and in turn, more competitive.

It is therefore our pleasure to invite you to join this groundbreaking program.

Warmest regards,
Flavio Tejada
Director IE Master in Real Estate Development

Master in Real Estate Development

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