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Videos of "Architectural Management" Results. 5 videos

Management Essentials for Architecture Firms by Enoch Sears

Enoch Sears, AIA and founder of Business of Architecture

What does it take to run a successful architecture practice that does not get in the way of producing good architecture? Enoch Sears shares the 3-part SMART Practice Method™ developed by himself as a tool that simplifies architecture firm management so that Architects and Design Managers can focus on doing their best work.

Mixtape Talks: Habitat & Care by Umberto Napolitano, Anette Spiro and Peg Rawes

Umberto Napolitano (LAN Architects), Anette Spiro (ETH), Peg Rawes (The Bartlett UCL)

The Mixtape Talks bring together trios of guests from the fields of architecture and design practice, theory, and related side disciplines to fuel conversations around candent topics on the built and produced environment.

Creating a Business Manifesto for an Architectural Venture by Caroline Cole

Caroline Cole, Director of Colander Associates Ltd.

Architects can never settle to be good—they need to engage in active research to consistently improve their craft. This online masterclass looks at key business foundations to support creative excellence in architecture and design to unlock value and boost profit.

The medium is the massage by Peter Murray

Peter Murray, Writer and commentator on architecture

In this online masterclass, Peter Murray explores how branding, marketing and communications can empower architectural practices. By examining complex market relationships and using state-of-the-art tools, architects can produce designs that help achieve commercial goals.

Architects Archetypes: Epic Careers for Architects Today by Mike LaValley

Mike LaValley, Architect, Project Manager and founder of Evolving Architect

Mike LaValley discusses next steps in pursuing a career in architecture. If you’ve ever wondered what comes next after graduation, join us for this insightful online masterclass.