María Prieto-Moreno

Marketing Manager at IE School of Architecture and Design

Maria holds a Masters in Architecture from Ceu San Pablo University (Madrid) and a Master´s degree in Business for Architecture and Design (MBArch) from IE School of Architecture and Design. Before joining IE in November 2018, she was Head of Communications at PDP London Architects where she was responsible for the Marketing and Business Development Department. Maria specialized in marketing strategy, branding, bid management, graphics, awards, photography, new business proposals and client presentations, working closely with the senior team promoting the practice expertise in residential, retail, commercial, hospitality and urban design.

As Marketing Manager at IE School of Architecture and Design, Maria leads the marketing strategy of the school ensuring an annual marketing plan is developed to deliver on business targets and different campaign objectives. Maria focuses on promoting the school´s educational services and programs through content in all digital channels within IE Marketing Department including, but not limited to, social media, paid search, email, display, print, video, content development etc

Maria develops and executes lead acquisition and conversion marketing campaigns across all marketing channels by utilizing the School´s brand, values, and success stories to create engaging and consistent messages for specific audience groups.