Student Stories

Stories of Master in Strategic Interior Design (10)

Farah, United Arab Emirates

Cultural Consultant and Design Strategist
“Without a doubt, the IE community (students, staff and educators) have enriched my personal and professional lives. They have and continue to inspire my growth as a designer.”
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Borja, Spain

Workplace & Change Management Consultant at JLL
“Thanks to the extensive skills and knowledge I acquired in the Master in Strategic Interior Design, I now possess the tools needed to respond to my clients’ changing demands with a completely updated viewpoint.”
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Belinda, South Africa

Strategic Business and Design Consultant
“The way we work, live, learn and shop has changed forever, and design is integral to the realization of this change and future shifts. It’s an exciting space to be in.”
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Kareem, Beirut, Lebanon

Co-founder of Creatives x Beirut
“After completing my studies at IE School of Architecture and Design, I’ve become a well-rounded designer and been exposed to a myriad of cultures that have undoubtedly widened my horizons.”
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Rasha, Dubai, UAE

Interior Designer
"The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces made me shift my attention from hospitality to workplace consultancy and design, I am driven by human-centric innovation!"
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Marta, Paris, France

Architect at Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés
"My life has changed not just because of the program itself, but also because of all the people involved!"
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Maricruz, A Coruña (Spain)

Project Designer at Zara Studio (Inditex)
"It is not only my life that has changed, but also myself! Thanks to the MSD and its forward thinking approach, I have a wider perspective on design, architecture and business."
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Sitou, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Computational Designer at UNStudio
"My learning extended beyond the academic."
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Jale, Dubai (UAE)

Landscape Architect at Perkins and Will’s
"There is always so much you can bring in to create spaces that motivate people to engage with their environment - which is my ultimate goal when designing anything!"
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Lola, Madrid (Spain)

EMEIA Design & Framework Manager at Ernst and Young (EY)
"While studying the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces I grew on both a personal and professional level."
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