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Associate Director of Admissions.

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The main objective of the admission process is to select students with the greatest potential who can make a significant contribution to the learning experience.

We seek candidates who are dynamic, motivated, creative and who not only present excellent academic and professional credentials, but also possess the kind of interpersonal skills that will allow them to obtain maximun benefit from the program. Admission is granted on a rolling basis and although there is no deadline for applications for a particular intake, early application is recommended given that admission is competitive and limited to available space.

  • Submission of the online application

    The admission process starts upon your submission of the online application along with the supporting documents. IE’s online application is designed to be completed over several sessions. You are able to work on or review your online application at any time, as the content will only become available to the Admissions Department upon submission.

    Supporting Documents:

    • Bachelor Degree (or equivalent) from an accredited university;
    • Photocopy of passport or ID Card;
    • Photo;
    • 1 Page Curriculum Vitae;
    • A portoflio or graphic sample of your work, contained in a PDF format of 5 pages (maximum file size of 15 MB);
    • English profiency (written and oral) is required for the course and will be evaluated during the interview stage of the admission process;
    • Application fee 125 euros.  You will not be able to continue the admission process if the application payment is not submitted.
  • The Interview

    The Admissions Committee will grant you an interview upon review of your application and supporting documents. You will be contacted to schedule the interview by Skype or at face to face meeting. The interview reviews the data provided in the application in greater detail, tests your communication abilities and evaluates whether your profile will meet the demands of the program.

  • The Admission

    After the interview, it will take roughly 1-3 weeks for the Admissions Committee to review your file and provide you with a final decision. Admission is valid for two intakes, the intake you apply to and the following

  • Reserve your Place

    The tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year of the Master in Design for Work, Retail and Learning Environments is 24.200 euros.

    *Please bear in mind that prices are reviewed annually and are subject to change. To reserve a place, prospective students are requested to make a deposit of 5.200 euros (4,000 euros + 1,200 euros contribution to the IE Foundation) that will be deducted from the total tuition fee.

  • Be part of IE

    The Student Services Department will provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your IE experience and life in Madrid. From obtaining the student visa to finding accommodation, exploring medical insurance options or getting mobile phone service, they are here to assist you.

    IE has various offices around the world that organize +1500 events each year for candidates, students and alumni. Stay connected and reach out to the IE Office near you.

Financial AID

To further foster diversity within our programs, the IE Foundation awards tuition funding assistance to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competences and academic excellence. IE also has arrangements with leading banks to offer students attractive loan packages to finance tuition and living expenses.

Scholarships: IE’s Financial Aid Department currently offers a range of scholarships, loan agreements, and other financial aid options to help you fund your studies. We recommend that you apply for financing options as early as possible, as financial resources are limited and competition is intense.  For more information on financial aid options for this program, please visit our Financial Aid website.

Loans: IE has agreements with several banks that have devised plans specifically to accommodate your needs. These conditions are:

  • Loans available to cover up the tuition fees (except the Place Reservation fee).
  • Loan repayment period of up to 8 years.
  • Up to 18 months grace period on the principal.
  • Variable interest rate based on the current mortgage rate index.
  • The final decision on loan approval and any conditions it may be subject to, is made by the bank in question according to their own predetermined criteria.

Once accepted to an IE program, any student may send their loan application directly to IE. If you have any questions please contact:

Corporate funding: Students who have arranged full or partial funding from an employer or third party must return the signed Corporate Financing Form filled out by their sponsor to the Admissions Department, from whom it is available.

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