Other Programs Each year IE School of Architecture and Design holds a series of courses and workshops aimed at enhancing specific skills or focusing on state-of-the-art aspects of the field.

Other programs

Summer School - Good Design is Good Business

Now more than ever, design and creativity are playing a major role in everything we do. From problem solving, to navigating unpredictable landscapes and inspiring growth in others, it is becoming clear that a creative mindset is crucial to success in the world today. 

With IE’s Good Design is Good Business Summer Program, students will explore design and creative thinking as concepts that drive us to evolve and accomplish our business goals. This program reveals the operations and processes that fuel creativity, while allowing managers and entrepreneurs alike to redefine creative thought as it applies to their industries.

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Making Architecture

Making Architecture (a massive open online course) in English, is the first course in architectural design within the educational platform Coursera. It is produced by IE School of Architecture & Design. The course started on September 26th 2016, and is available from then on.

This introductory 12-hour course is aimed at young people who are interested in Architecture and Design and who are thinking about beginning an undergraduate degree in these disciplines, which are offered at IE School of Architecture and Design.

“Making architecture” offers a unique insight into the mind and work of an Architect, starting with the basics of the profession and culminating with the production of a scaled site model. The course, which is flexible and entirely online, should act as ideal preparation for those interested in undertaking an undergraduate degree in Architecture, although its flexible, intriguing and enjoyable content makes it accessible for all those looking to increase their knowledge in the field. Delivered primarily by professors from the IE School of Architecture and Design in Segovia (Spain), the course begins by examining the mindset of an architect – asking how they think and what they do to train their creative minds, moving on to using inspiration from the environment to stimulate design ideas. Finally, the course concludes by looking at some of the more technical aspects of architecture – such as composition, form, space and hierarchy – and stressing the importance of creating a story that helps define your design. This fascinating content is delivered principally from the design studio at the IE school of Architecture and Design and features external videos from locations in the historic city of Segovia. “Making Architecture” includes interviews from Pritzker Prize executive director and Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design, Martha Thorne, with a number of award winning practicing architects such as Sarah Wigglesworth and Christoph Ingenhoven.

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