Master in Cybersecurity - The Students

Lead and design organizational Cyber Security strategies to manage digital risk across businesses, governments and societies in our continuously growing digital environment.

Cybersecurity Master Program Student’s Background

Our students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds- not just tech- including banking, e-commerce, law, public administration, telecommunications, and IT. This is a key factor that enriches the classroom experience. What they all have in common is strong communication skills, analytical minds, and the ability to work successfully in team settings.

Students' Profiles

Students' Backgrounds

Students in this program seek to become cybersecurity experts and leaders, capable of anticipating future developments to stay ahead of the curve. They are training to face the challenges of the new digital economy.

Potential students can come from various backgrounds, as long as they have a desire to re-imagine the way digital security is impacting every business, government, and society, in order to provide essential value to organizations.

Business & technology

Students from this background know the importance of cybersecurity risks, but need to master their know-how and skills in finding, protecting against, and managing threats to drive protection and security.

Law & compliance

Those with a law degree or who work in the field of compliance and have identified the need to master cybersecurity governance, regulation, digital data protection, and how to manage the aftershock of a cyber attack.

Security & defense

Those who want to dig deep into cybersecurity to play a significant role in defining and influencing digital security policy and response at the local, state, and national level.

Tech & Engineering

Profiles that come from science or engineering careers and want to strategically apply and translate those analytical skills to the world cybersecurity.

Hear from our students

Hear from our students

ROBERT HILLIARD – Dual Degree International MBA+ Master in Cybersecurity