Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data is an innovative gateway degree designed to train the new generation of data-savvy professionals. Become the next data expert!

Global Master in Business Analytics & Big Data

Want to become a leading expert in the world of big data? The Global Master in Business Analytics & Big Data is a state-of-the-art program that prepares the next generation of professionals in the field.

Master in Cybersecurity

Understand how to protect your company or critical infrastructures. Become part of a new generation of information security and cyberintelligence professionals who have the technical, organizational, and business skills necessary for success in the new digital world.

Master in Visual and Digital Media

Creativity + Management
Bridge the gap between creativity and management. Gain the ability to conceive, develop, execute, and evaluate all kinds of visual and digital media projects from start to finish

Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication

Communication + Management + Digital Strategies
Become a communication expert combining the latest skills in communication, management and digital strategies

Master in Corporate & Marketing Communication Part-Time

Communication + Management + Digital Strategies
Strengthen and update your knowledge to manage reputation and communication with stakeholders in order to increase corporate value in today’s complex and digital world.

Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

The most unique program in the world with four areas of knowledge: 1. Consumer Behavior, 2.Insights & Analytics, 3. Business, Marketing and Strategy, and 4. Professional Skills. Become the next consumer expert!

Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Transform organizations and play a key role in HR combining Positive Psychology, Talent Development Management and Human Analytics & Technologies.

Master in Customer Experience & Innovation

The Master in CXI will train you to analyze, map, design, and optimize the experience of customers in any context and industry. From stores, check-in counters, waiting rooms and other physical experiences to apps, websites and other digital experiences, by placing human-centered design at the core of business innovation, you will become an expert able to create experiences that win the hearts and minds of the customer.

Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy

An invitation to senior managers to make a transformation from strong to extraordiany.

Master in Digital Marketing

Digital Performance + Strategy + Customer Analytics
Become a forward-thinking expert with the know-how and industry experience in
the thrilling new world of digital performance, strategy and customer analytics with the Master in Digital Marketing.


Become a builder of tech and propel businesses forward. With the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology you will learn to design and develop the innovative technologies that are changing the way we work and live.


IE has a special fund with an endowment of 6 million euros for scholarships aimed at women.