IE Experience

IE is often called an unconventional school for unconventional people. Life is much more than the classroom experience with more than 70 student clubs at IE, students enjoy a wide range of activities and platforms to further their passions and aspirations.


IE is strongly committed to supporting the entrepreneurial projects of our students and alumni. Every year more than 1,500 students receive training in Entrepreneurial Management at IE. Our entrepreneurship professors have PhDs from top international business schools and are entrepreneurs, themselves, with extensive experience in the start-up world.

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Outside the classroom at IE, there are more than 60 clubs for sports, hobbies, and professional interest, and we have a dedicated Campus Life office to help with all student-led initiatives. Whether you like football, photography, consulting or cooking, there are ways to come together with other students who share your interests.

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The Student Services office provides assitance for your arrival to Spain and IE. Visas and other relocation necessities, such as securing accommodation, finding a doctor, or starting a mobile phone contract, can sometimes be very time-consuming and complicated, and the Student Services office is dedicated to making these things possible.

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How do you give back? IE students come from all around the world, but they share a commitment to leaving the world a better place than they found it. Join Net Impact, the largest student club at IE. Help organize events with the IE Charity Club. Compete in the Impact Weekend Social Start-up Competition. Attend or volunteer at the annual Social Responsibility Forum.

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