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Vincent Doyle


Vincent Doyle


Professor, Master in Visual and Digital Media and Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

Academic Director Master in Visual & Digital Media, IE School of Human Sciences & Technology


Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media

Master in Visual and Digital Media

Creative Work in the Cultural Industries
Project I
Project II
Project III
Visual and Digital Media Culture

Professional experience
The relationships among media, society, culture, politics, social movements and public discourse
have long fascinated Vincent Doyle. Originally from Canada, he began his university studies in
political science, but soon gravitated towards communication and cultural studies because of his
interdisciplinary interests. “I study communication,” he says, “because it helps me to understand
how we are all products of history, language, and the institutions that shape our lives, even if we
are not always aware of it.”
With knowledge and understanding, Prof. Doyle believes, comes the capacity to make better
decisions, along with the opportunity to develop a sense of belonging and accountability to an
intellectual community that nourishes our human desire to improve our lives and the world around
Prof. Doyle is a Fellow of the Sexuality Research Fellowship Program of the U.S. Social Science
Research Council and the recipient of two top paper awards from the International Communication
Association. Making Out in the Mainstream, his book about the media activism of the US-based
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) was published by McGill-Queen’s
University Press in 2016.
Academic Training
Ph.D. in Communication, 2005, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
M.A. in Communication, 1997, McGill University, Montreal
B.A. with Specialization in Communication, 1991, Concordia University, Montreal