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The Business Analytics and Big Data Master’s Degree

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data molds future data scientists ready to help their companies become data-driven businesses by extracting relevant insights from data and using advanced analytics to drive decision-making processes. They are professionals who are capable of rethinking and rebuilding processes, products, and services by applying machine learning & AI to solve user problems.

It is delivered in 2 formats so you can choose the option that best fits your lifestyle: Full-Time 10-months (immersive year in Madrid and a week in China*). Part-Time 17 months (online with face-to-face periods in Madrid and one week in Dubai*).

*Destinations may vary due to Covid-19 restrictions.

One program, Two formats

Choose the program format best-suited for you.


-Engaging face-to-face classes
-Group meetings and presentations
-Hands-on simulations and in-person debates
-Access to resources, such as the Venture Lab and the IE Library
-Classes at our Madrid campus located in the fast-paced city center
-To top it off, an immersion week in China will bring you closer to your business future in action


-A dynamic blend of virtual and on-site learning
-24 hour access to IE’s Online campus
-Live sessions on Saturdays and interactive video conferences
-Asynchronous online discussions every week from Monday to Thursday
-5 weeks of in person sessions delivered in the heart of Madrid, 1 week of face-to-face sessions in Dubai
-Unlimited access to the latest research & online press


At IE University, we are at the at the forefront of technological innovation, which is why with this program you will benefit from the collaboration with companies that lead this technological disruption in today's world.

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    Build your cloud computing skills preparing for Amazon Web Services cloud certification through lectures, assessments, hands-on labs, group discussions, and individual projects that are taught by experienced AWS Academy accredited educators.

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    Benefit from our Microsoft Learn collaboration through resources and training that will allow students access to high-quality content for maximum impact.


Explore the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data: Full time Program

Explore the Master in Business Analytics & Big Data: Part time Program


This 17-months program is both online and face-to-face— in other words, it’s liquid. We align and combine the best of technology, pedagogy and our world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment.

Online periods – Through our virtual campus, you get a challenging and highly interactive educational experience. The well-structured, faculty-led sessions fit into the modern professional’s busy schedule and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. Engage with other global professionals in synchronous and asynchronous sessions including interactive small groups where you work on real-world, industry-based case studies.

  • Live Sessions – On Saturdays, you will connect to live video conference sessions engaging with your peers and professors in real time, discussing previously established topics for the week. These sessions are truly an extension of the traditional classroom experience, allowing you to negotiate and collaborate with your classmates in the same space, despite connecting from all over the globe.
  • Asynchronous online discussions – The forums allow you to participate in the faculty-led asynchronous sessions every week from Monday to Thursday. Professors will moderate these written discussions about chosen topics in order to achieve the learning objectives.

Face-To-Face Periods – get to know your diverse classmates even more through all-day workshops and classes that further develop your soft skills and teamwork. Explore Madrid after class and get to know your peers on a deeper level.

  • Roughly 5 weeks of full-time course work and networking with your peers in the heart of the Spanish capital, spread throughout the duration of the program.
  • 1 week of face-to-face sessions in Dubai.

Note: due to the current situation, IE has developed the Liquid Learning model which will ensure your studies continue even if travel is not possible for you at the moment.



With sustainability never having been more important, organizations are realizing that environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns are everyone’s responsibility. And they are placing sustainability at the heart of their business, requiring all their employees to play their part.

With the IE Certificate on Foundations of Sustainability, you’ll learn how to incorporate a sustainability point of view across all business activities and functions, and be prepared to tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges of today’s world in any organization. And with this qualification under your belt, you’ll boost your career opportunities and show potential employers that you’re committed to sustainability and aligned with their values.

The IE Certificate on Foundations of Sustainability is an optional certificate that can be completed alongside your core studies. In order to earn the certificate, students must obtain ten credits.

Students may obtain these credits through eligible courses, electives, and extracurricular activities such as participation in relevant student clubs. Please keep in mind that some of the above-mentioned courses, electives, and extracurricular activities may already be included in your program, while others will need to be added. Additionally, there’s one mandatory component, the Online Learning Journey.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be able to gain a thorough overview of the fundamentals, and we’ve ensured maximum flexibility, including alternative routes to attain the number of credits needed.

Business Analytics Career-Oriented Program

You’ll get to roll up your sleeves from the get-go. Gain experience completing practical challenges with multinational tech companies, presenting your results to experts in the field.


Companies from various industries will provide your team with real data sets, and you will have to uncover actionable insights and drive innovation.


Data Science Competitions

At the end of each period, you will have the opportunity to compete against other students in an individual Kaggle-style competition that will out what you’ve learned to the test.

Companies that participate in the Business Analytics and Big Data Master's Degree

At IE University, we believe the best way to learn is through practical, hands-on methodologies. Thanks to our strong relationship with top industry professionals, students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work in the classroom through challenges, consulting projects, and multimedia simulations, applying their knowledge as they go. Here are some of the partner companies collaborating with the program:
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