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Today, tech and business go hand in hand. This program isn’t just for students with a background in coding. It’s built for people from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, because we know the leaders of tomorrow are multidisciplinary innovators. If you’re driven to design and develop cutting-edge tech that makes a serious impact on our businesses and our lives, you should fit right in.


Tech and business have so much in common.

The Master in Computer Science and Business Technology bridges the gap between two worlds to produce well-rounded business and tech professionals. Featuring practical, hands-on projects and numerous data analytics and machine learning courses, there’s a heavy focus on cloud technology for both storage and computing. We even have courses that cover programming skills in Python, JavaScript and SQL.

By joining this program, you can become an effective translator between the business and tech worlds, or focus on one of the two domains afterwards. With this in mind, the learning journey has been specifically designed for a broad range of individuals—whether you have a tech background, a business background or a combination of the two.

Regardless of your current level, the program will help you become more literate in all things tech. Guided by professors from industry-leading companies (Google, Amazon etc.), you will apply new skills in practical settings as you become a well-rounded professional able to navigate the ever-changing biztech world.

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