THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS The Dual Degree programs at IE enables students to tailor their studies to their academic, personal and professional goals.

Master’s Dual Degrees


Dual Degrees at IE University are suitable for highly motivated students who have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill set in two interrelated subject areas. These students will be excited to develop the leadership and management skills that will enable them to go even further with their specialized knowledge.

Dual Degrees at IE University combine top postgraduate programs across several disciplines to prepare future leaders to bring about much needed change from a big-picture perspective.

By combining essential general management and leadership skills with a deep understanding of two specific disciplines, students proactively position themselves to acquire the broader skill set they will need to solve some of the most complex issues facing our world today. These challenges meet at the intersection of business, law, politics and finance, and require leaders who can operate effectively and fluidly across several areas.

In short, a Dual Degree from IE University offers graduates a competitive advantage in the industry and position they choose.

Master's Dual Degrees

IE University offers the very best students at the postgraduate level the opportunity to dive deeper into two interrelated and complementary fields of study. This is a challenging but highly rewarding program, combining the rigor of a master's degree with the breadth of a Dual Degree. Students are able to customize their education and career path right from day one, gaining the ability to critically analyse, problem-solve and frame global issues from multiple perspectives.

Master in Management + Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Throughout this program, you’ll acquire key management knowledge while learning how to optimize your organization’s operations and decisions—always from a perspective informed by data analysis.


International MBA + Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

This Dual Degree program responds to that need by shaping students into innovative experts who will define the future of business through data science and disruption. It pairs IE Business School’s flagship full-time International MBA with the Master in Analytics and Big Data.


Master in Management + Master in Computer Science and Business Technology

Develop the most disruptive, groundbreaking tech of the future and drive business innovation in any organization. Computer science is leading the way in today’s digital revolution, resulting in the rise of connected and automated factories, intelligent assistants and service bots, augmented reality shopping apps, mobile payment systems, smart homes, e-governments and much more.


International MBA + Master in Computer Science and Business Technology

Thanks to this Dual Degree’s combination of the International MBA and the Master in Computer Science & Business Technology, graduates are perfectly poised to fill the huge demand for well-rounded, highly skilled tech and business professionals.