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Incorporating sustainability education into our Master's level ensures that graduates possess the abilities needed for responsible leadership which will benefit society at large. Students need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate sustainable practices into their decision-making process in their future roles leading businesses, governments, and organizations.

Sustainability is ingrained across our various Master programs in various ways. In some programs you may find specific coursework or hands-on projects with real companies or organizations who are sustainable, already integrated in the core studies of that particular program. For example in the following programs such as the Master in International Development, Executive Master in International Development, Master in International Relations, Master in Management, International MBA, Master in Creative Direction, Content & Branding and programs in IE School of Science and Technology.


These projects are a fundamental part of the Master's journey as students are able to apply the different learnings during the year in this final project. Depending on the program, the project itself will be different but in almost all cases, students are exposed to a real sustainability focused company or organization or with a sustainability challenge. Here are some of the organizations we collaborate with:



With the IE Foundations of Sustainability Certificate, you will learn how to integrate sustainability criteria in all processes and activities of your company.  

This Certificate will advance your professional opportunities and prove your commitment towards sustainability to hiring companies.

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It is key for IE to help find ways in which technology can help us further edcate our students in sustainability. We have developed a VR Case to expose students to issues in a truly immersive way. For example "Eye In the Storm" is a three-part immersive experience into climate change mitigation and adaptation. First, students will live through an emotional and alarming VR experience in a hurricane. Next, they will understand the different roles of key decision makers in the conversation around climate change through a multimedia material.

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The Impact Projects offer a remarkable opportunity for students to take their education to the next level. Towards the end of their master's journey, students gain valuable hands-on experience by providing consulting services to organizations facing real-life sustainability challenges. This experience prepares them for responsible leadership roles and positions them to make a positive impact on society.

Some of the examples and partners of our Impact Projects are: Make a Wish, Ayuda en Acción, Por un Sourire d`un Enfant & Bassari


Today, a growing number of students are passionate about sustainability and are eager to make a positive impact on the world. IE recognizes the importance of providing optional opportunities that enable students to develop their passion for sustainability and personalize their journey at IE accordingly. Read on to find out what’s available.


The IE Sustainability Datathon is a challenge in which participants must solve a sustainability problem with the use of predictive modeling. The competition provides the practical application of Business Analytics, Data Science or Tech to solve a sustainability challenge within a real company.

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Through the Splash Challenge, our IE Business School master’s students can experience the tangible results of getting out of their comfort zones while doing something hands-on for their community. Each project leaves a lasting legacy and makes a massive difference in the lives of those involved.

Last year they made it their mission to raise awareness about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SGD) 6 – clean water and sanitation for all – focusing on the challenges women are facing around the world regarding menstrual hygiene, or “period poverty”.

This was the second of many months in the run-up to Charity Day on Friday 17 June, and students engaged in various activities, including taking part in a panel discussion with Splash Projects Advisory Board Member, Jack Sim, Founder of the World Toilet Organization, a global non-profit committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide.