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IE Pharma & Healthcare Club: Overcoming the Challenges of a Healthcare Startup

IE Pharma & Healthcare Club | IE Business School

Pharma &Healthcare Club explore the digitalization in the healthcare industry.

Incorporating telemedicine in healthcare was once a heated topic of debate among the sector, but with the Covid-19 pandemic it has quickly become a reality and integral to the future of healthcare in a digitalized world.

IE Pharma & Healthcare Club and the Entrepreneurship Club welcomed Lukas Hauser, Director of Business Operations & Strategy at Kry, for their event “Overcoming the Challenges of a Healthcare Startup”.

Based in Stockholm, Kry is one of the largest digital healthcare providers in Europe, offering a mobile app for online/video appointments with doctors and qualified health professionals. Founded in 2015, the company has already enabled over 2 million completed patient meetings. IE alumni, Hauser, shared his journey with this health tech start-up.

“The purpose of this event is to connect our members to what is going on in the industry. The digitalization is impacting a lot the healthcare sector, with revenue of eHealth in Europe over 2.3 Billion Euros and growing. This brings us a lot of opportunities to innovate and Kry is one of the companies leading this transformation.”

Daniel Baltieri, co-president of the IE Pharma & Healthcare Club

Hauser began the talk by speaking about Kry and its main goals as a healthcare business. Then, he introduced the many challenges encountered as a healthcare start up including the numerous regulations that shaped entry strategies in different countries. Additionally, Hauser highlighted the obstacles when operating in five different healthcare markets.

“While the company I’m working with now has overcome a couple of challenges, there are still millions of challenges ahead of ourselves which we are now in the process of how to resolve them,” explained Hauser.

Hauser also discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on user behavior and how the adoption of digital across healthcare systems has impacted the company.

“For us the next five years is all going to be about establishing this new normal. Having sick people realize they can meet with doctors digitally.”

Lukas Hauser, IE alumni and Director of Business Operations & Strategy at Kry

Participants then asked a variety of questions regarding market regulations and the future of telemedicine in healthcare infrastructure.

“The IE Pharma and Healthcare club aims to be the organization where alumni, current students and companies will interact through high quality events and receive unique insights from professionals, while networking and sharing meaningful content and job opportunities,” explained Baltieri.