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Siemens Spain CEO Discusses Spain 5.0

Siemens Spain CEO Discusses Spain 5.0 | IE Business School

Executive shares results from “Shaping Digital Transformations for a Spain 5.0” study.

The CEO and President of Siemens Spain paid a visit to the IE Tower to share insights from a study, prepared by the consulting firm PwC and sponsored by Siemens with IE Business School students, regarding digital transformation in Spain 5.0.

Miguel Ángel López Borrego talked to students about what Siemens recommends Spain do during the next 10 years in matters of technology and industry. He noted the opportunities Spain has with North and South America and the importance of startups for this new chapter of the industry.

The conference, held by the Technology and Innovation Club, in collaboration with Campus Life, brought students and the IE community an opportunity to interact and hear first-hand insights from one of the most important figures in the industry.

“Here lies a unique opportunity where a person with such high calibre has decided to make room in his surely tight calendar to come to speak to our students,” said Ángel Moyano, Professor in the Master in Management Track – Digital Business Strategy (Partner & Associate Director at BCG).

“I think it’s a matter of prestige for the IE institution and for Siemens. He is not coming to speak in just any university, but one that is highly relevant.”

Ángel Moyano, Professor in the Master in Management Track – Digital Business Strategy and Partner & Associate Director at BCG

In addition to bringing the professional world closer to students, the event delivered an opportunity for community building to the university where several faculty members and students from different degrees that are interested in technology could come closer and network as well.

“The good thing about these kinds of events is that people from the Master in Management can meet people from the bachelors, from the MBA, and so on,” noted Anastasia Fedorova, president of the Technology and Innovation club. “We create a platform where people with similar interests can connect and meet each other.”

López highlighted that practices centered on sustainability, resilience and people are the framework to follow in a Spain 5.0. He reflected upon digitization of the industry, opportunities to upscale in tech based economic models and the development of smart infrastructures to foster competitiveness and increase market value. He left students and staff with a piece of advice as well,

“All of us need to be learning digital skills in order to be at the top of our game,” said Lopez, “because there are huge developments and we cannot afford to lose our edge.”