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Laidlaw Women's Leadership Scholarship

Unleash your full potential


The LaidLaw Foundation is a charitable organization that provides scholarships for women in leadership programs at various higher education institutions. The foundation's aim is to propel more women into leadership roles by giving extraordinary women access to exceptional programs and networks. 

Laidlaw Women's Leadership Scholarships, thanks to the partnership between LaidLaw Foundation and IE Foundation, are intended to encourage extraordinary women with clear leadership potential to enroll in an MBA program when they would not have previously considered the qualification due to financial constraints.

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IE University passionately champions gender diversity and equality in academia and the professional sphere. We empower women in our community to craft unique paths, fostering an inclusive environment that not only celebrates individual success but also inspires collective progress. Together, we break barriers, build bridges, and actively contribute to a successful society for everyone, irrespective of gender.

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Breakthrough barriers, amplify your impact, and shape a future where your potential knows no limits. Seize the opportunity, empower your aspirations, and let your leadership story begin.​

Ready to take the next step in your journey?


    • Open to female candidates for the International MBA and Executive MBA programs (spring and fall intake)​​
    • Coverage amount: 50% to 100% of tuition fees​​​
    • Number available: a minimum of 14 scholarships will be granted per academic year​​
    • Deadline: start date of the program; early application is highly encouraged
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    Selection criteria

    IE University is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community of future women leaders and providing them with the resources and opportunities to excel in their careers. Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding female candidates that demonstrate:​​

    • A proven track record of academic excellence and professional success​​
    • Strong leadership potential​​
    • Demonstratable high level of financial need
    • We encourage candidates from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to apply and join us in shaping the future of business leadership.​

Interested in applying for the Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Scholarship?

If you’d like a personal pre-assessment to see if your profile matches the requirements, book a call with our team. We’re here to help you through the application process and determine your eligibility.


Special Committees* will be held every two months. Note that candidates must be admitted into their program of choice by the deadline to be considered. See table below for details:

​ Submit application by:​
Receive resolution by:
January 15th
February 10th​
March 15th
April 10th​
May 15th
June 10th​
July 15th​
August 10th​
September 15th​
October 10th​
November 15th​
December 10th​

Note: not all candidates will be shortlisted for the Special Committee, as the process is highly competitive and the criteria strict. Candidates will be informed on a rolling basis (within one to three weeks) whether their application has been shortlisted for the bimonthly Committee.


admissions application

Submit your admissions application for the International MBA or Executive MBA.

scholarship form

Download and the complete the scholarship form. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire and provide answers to three short essays. Click here to download the form.

online scholarship platform

Begin your scholarship application by accessing the online scholarship platform. You can choose up to three scholarships* to apply to—make sure that the IE – Laidlaw Women’s Leadership Scholarship is one of them!

application questionnaire

Complete the application questionnaire, upload you financial documentation, and upload the previously completed Laidlaw Women’s Scholarship form to the Additional Documentation section of the Application.

SUBMIT the application quiestionnaire

After making sure you have completely filled out the application and uploaded all necessary documentation, be sure to hit SUBMIT.

scholarship resolution

Once you have been granted admission and submitted the complete scholarship application, your scholarship application will be evaluated for IE Scholarships (if you have applied to them) within 1 to 3 weeks. You will be notified within this time frame whether or not you have been shortlisted for the Laidlaw Scholarship.

*Note that scholarships are not combinable. Should you apply for both IE Scholarships and the Laidlaw Scholarship, you will first be evaluated for IE Scholarships and be notified within the same resolution whether you have been shortlisted for the Laidlaw Scholarship.


  • Scholarships or Application process

    If you have any questions regarding the scholarship or the application process, please contact Financial Aid: