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As today’s world is increasingly affected by the transformative effects of globalization, the education sector and legal landscapes are experiencing unparalleled change. For this reason, at IE Law School we offer students holistic, comprehensive legal training thanks to our Comparative Law methodology. Across legal disciplines, our main concern is to consistently adopt a comparative perspective, encouraging students to develop a more international legal vision.

Our comparative approach allows students to explore the similarities and differences of various legal systems in order to gain a wider understanding of the global legal landscape. As a result, students become more aware of the dynamics within different jurisdictions of civil law and common law.

We offer our students the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of different concepts, systems and legal institutions through our world-class Comparative Law programs. In this way, we allow students to the mentality of a well-rounded, forward-thinking legal professional.

Our highly practical approach perfectly complements the Comparative Law methodology, helping students prepare for success on the world stage, as they to work on solving cases and discover the inner workings of legal institutions.

Upon graduation, IE Law School students will have obtained a fully comprehensive understanding of the complex concepts and realities of today’s legal world. With this extensive knowledge of legal landscapes, we prepare our students for lasting success on a global scale.  

  • The Comparative Law methodology instills global and universal concepts by comparing different legal systems. This methodology is crucial at IE University, given that many of our students come from other countries and practice the profession in different regions.

    Soledad Atienza

    Dean of IE Law School

Faculty perspectives on IE Law School

Discover how IE Law School faculty members incorporate Comparative Law methodology across disciplines.
Profile - Antonios Kouroutakis Antonios Kouroutakis

Constitutional Law

Profile - Bart Wauters Bart Wauters

European Legal History
Legal Thought

Profile - Johanna Jacobsson Johanna Jacobsson

European Union Law
Public International Law

Profile - Marina Aksenova Marina Aksenova

Comparative Criminal Law I
Comparative Criminal Law II

Profile - Michail Risvas Michail Risvas

Public International Law
Administrative Law

Profile - Sara Sánchez Sara Sánchez

Commercial Law II

Profile - Marco de Benito Marco de Benito

European Legal History
Litigation I

Profile - Francisco de Elizalde Francisco de Elizalde

Contracts and Property Law

Profile - Argyri Panezi Argyri Panezi

Law and Technology
Intellectual Property



Bridging Global Comparative Law + Technology + Policy

IE University’s Comparative Law in Action is a competition in which students have to overcome the challenges of regulating fast-paced technological innovation. Designed to reflect the reality of today’s legal sector, participants have to put classroom knowledge about comparative law, technology and policy into practice. The teams will analyze legal challenges created by technology through a cutting-edge multimedia case, before building a solution together.

The virtual part of the competition takes place from January to March 2021 during which time the teams will develop their projects. It will then culminate in April with a three-day weekend at IE University. Here, participants will attend workshops, collaborate in person, and pitch their solutions to a panel of judges.

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