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Daniel Villavicencio Bedoya

About me

I’m a Peruvian lawyer with ten years of experience working in corporate, finance, project development and business law in law firms, in-house legal departments and as an independent legal advisor. I’m also the co-owner of a restaurant in Peru. I’ve been a football fan and player for as long as I can remember, an enthusiastic runner and I’ve just started learning how to play Padel.

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studentMaster of Laws (LL.M.) - International Business Law specialization
Daniel Villavicencio Bedoya | IE

"I am impressed by the level of support and resources provided by IE University and the dedication of the professors."

Daniel Villavicencio Bedoya

Surfing the wave of today’s changing legal trends

Daniel Villavicencio decided to take a break from his then five-year legal career to explore different professional paths. After gaining entrepreneurial experience in the food and tech industries, he decided to return to law with a fresh perspective. Daniel soon observed that the legal landscape was rapidly changing, which spurred his decision to pursue the Master of Laws (LL.M.)—he wanted to deepen his specialized legal knowledge and acquire the tools necessary to meet the new challenges ahead.

Daniel Villavicencio Bedoya | IE

Daniel chose the Master of Laws (LL.M.) program at IE University because of its strong curriculum and four distinct specialization options: he chose to focus his concentration on the International Business Law specialization track. With a well-balanced mix of corporate and business law, MBA courses and transversal common modules, the program offered exactly what he was looking for. Further, the university's tech-forward legal ecosystem and innovation initiatives also assured him that the Masters of Laws (LL.M.) was the best path for his next professional steps.

A highly diverse program, it is home to students from all over the world—there are about 20 nationalities represented in Daniel’s cohort alone. As he sees it, this diversity enriches the learning experience by exposing students to a wide range of perspectives and ideas, allowing them to develop new ways of thinking about a particular topic. Different cultures have different legal systems, values and beliefs, resulting in disparate views on legal issues. Daniel notes that understanding varied cultural perspectives has helped him develop cultural competence—an important skill for practicing law in a globalized world.

Daniel describes his time at IE University as “an incredible experience,” adding, “I have met so many wonderful people, learned a great deal in my classes and become involved in several extracurricular activities.” He is impressed by the level of support and resources provided by the university and its dedicated professors. Daniel is excited to continue his journey, confident that the next months of the program will be even more illuminating.

One of the things that surprised Daniel about the Masters of Laws (LL.M.) is the level of expertise represented by the faculty. Each professor brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the classroom: he has found it “incredibly enlightening” to learn from them. He adds that they all possess a remarkable amount of prowess in their respective fields. Furthermore, their in-depth knowledge and experience are evident in the quality of their teaching and the level of engagement in the classroom.

Daniel Villavicencio Bedoya | IE

Daniel has also been impressed by the career guidance and advice provided by IE University—especially the “Accelerate” series of workshops, in which students receive specialized advice on networking, job search, interviews and other related matters. He praises the work of the “strong and committed” IE Talent & Careers team, who are there to help every step of the way and also organize the groundbreaking IE Careers Forum.

When asked what advice he would give someone who is considering applying to the Master of Laws (LL.M.), Daniel recommends researching the program and its specializations to ensure it aligns with their interests and career goals. He also emphasizes the importance of looking into the available opportunities for networking and international exchange experiences that the program offers. Finally, he suggests preparing a strong application package, including a well-written personal statement listing their reasons for pursuing the program.

After graduation, Daniel wants to stay in Spain as he views the Spanish legal sector as one of the most developed in the world: “They are truly aware of the challenges the profession is facing,” he says, “and are continuously looking to adapt and anticipate.” He uses the leading Spanish law firms as an example, who all handle complex and innovative transnational businesses and transactions and have pioneering in-house legal departments with a strong focus on digital transformation. In addition, there are many specialized legal think tanks and consulting and auditing companies already established in the country. Daniel sees the Spanish legal sector as setting the standards for future international practice and can’t wait to play a role in it.