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Inès Le Bloa

About me

I was born in France but have spent most of my life abroad. I quickly started moving around because of my father’s job, and then for my studies and to work. I’ve lived in Gabon, Congo, Tunisia, Lebanon, Venezuela, England, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, and now I’m in Spain! Having spent almost ten years in Africa, including an internship in Cameroon, I developed a particular interest in the countries I lived in, and it has made me want to go back to living and working there.

Outside of law and classes, you’re most likely to find me either in a bar, stadium or at home watching France or the French national league playing rugby on the weekend! I like helping others and being involved; during my bachelor's, I was part of the Fédération Française de Débat et d’Éloquence, which is a public speaking association in France, and I tutor young students in my spare time.

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Inès Le Bloa | IE Law School

"Because of my international background, I knew that I wanted a place where I could meet and learn from people from everywhere in the world. IE Law School was the place to be!"

Inès Le Bloa

A global citizen with a passion for international business law

Inès Le Bloa | IE Law School

When people ask Inès Le Bloa where she comes from, she finds it difficult to answer. “I don’t think there is a right answer,” she says. Originally from France, she’s traveled extensively and feels that she has become the person she is due to spending time in so many different countries. “I like to say that I left a piece of my heart in every country I visited,” she states.

Prior to coming to IE Law School, Inès began studying for her Bachelor of Laws in Bordeaux before finishing it online while living in Lisbon. At the same time, she was undertaking an internship in a law firm, where she worked closely with Francophone Africa. The experience confirmed to Inès that this was the career path she wanted to follow. She has a clear plan: firstly, to obtain an internship in an international law firm where she can continue to work in the same area, then to qualify as a lawyer in England and Wales.

Inès’ choice of IE Law School was twofold. While she wanted to study at a European university to stay in line with her French bachelor's qualification, her international background also drew her to a place where she could meet and learn from people from all over the world. IE Law School was, she says, “the place to be.” 

Inès Le Bloa | IE Law School

The standout feature of the Master of Laws (LL.M.) for Inès was the International Business Law specialization. “It was the best fit regarding what I want to do afterward, given that I want to work internationally in corporate and commercial law,” she explains. Additionally, she notes that this specialization gives students a broader understanding of other areas of law, including financial accounting, financial management or privacy law. And, most importantly, she points out that “it can also make us better lawyers, with classes such as professional ethics and building and marketing legal services.”

Inès also cites the opportunity to participate in the Legal Immersion Week, which for her specialization took place in London, as a highlight of the program. On a personal level, she says, it came at the perfect time as she had already formed friendships with her peers, and traveling together allowed them to “create more memories” away from Madrid. The experience enabled her to meet with Magic Circle law firms who have a strong international presence, as well as gain exposure to legal tech, legal design and an insight into the way international lawyers work. It proved an ideal opportunity to network and gather advice, with a view to a future role in an international law firm.

Summarizing her experience at IE Law School so far, Inès says she’s grateful to be studying at a university that brings together students from so many different backgrounds. One of the greatest advantages, she says, is that in one classroom, “you can learn as much from the students as from the professors.” She’s particularly struck by the fact that both students and faculty come from a variety of different backgrounds and countries—and have many varied experiences that they can share.

Inès Le Bloa | IE Law School

The range of extracurricular activities at IE Law School has also impressed Inès. She’s an active member of the IE Community and appreciates the opportunity to be part of events outside the classroom, noting that she was “happily surprised” to discover the variety of networking and career events and seminars which aim to help students to become not only better lawyers, but better people.

Asked for her advice to anyone considering pursuing the Master of Laws (LL.M.) at IE Law School, Inès stresses the importance of bringing your experience to the table. “Even if you have very little experience, it will still be useful,” she emphasizes, “as most assignments are carried out in groups, you work a lot with other people, and you learn from everyone.” Finally, she echoes the advice she was given at the beginning of the program: make the most of it, as the year will pass by quickly! “I didn’t even see the first term pass by,” she admits, “so enjoy every second in this master and take every opportunity that you can!”