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Clinical Legal Education

Real world and practical experience with impact

Legal Clinics foster a sense of social responsibility in the legal profession and highlight the value of the service it provides to the community.

The Legal Clinic at IE Law School was launched in 2014 with the aim of bringing the School’s students closer to the professional practice of lawyering by working pro bono. Legal clinics, which have emerged and have become very popular in the United States, are an innovative way to teach Law through practice.

Through the Legal Clinic, undergraduate and postgraduate students provide legal service to NGOs and Startups with the advice and guidance of professors and lawyers. Our Clinic advises on legal aspects of social projects around the world (for instance, in Africa, Latin America and Spain).

The legal areas in which legal advice is offered are very diverse, from the protection of human rights to the compliance with current data protection regulations, and questions regarding contract and property law.

The main clients of the Legal Clinic are international NGOs, as well as startups founded by entrepreneurs from various economic sectors. A large number of global law firms collaborate with the Legal Clinic, teaching and supporting students in this practical activity.

Turning law students into lawyers

At IE Law School we are committed to giving students a transformational and experiential education. Our Legal Clinic provides students with a hands-on experience in all the core competencies of the practice of law and a unique opportunity where they fine-tune their skills as lawyers.

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IE Law School collaborates with seven law firms:

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