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Marina Aksenova


Marina Aksenova


Assistant Professor IE Law School. Director ARTIJ Initiative


Global Public Law and Governance

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Marina Aksenova is a lawyer specialising in international and comparative criminal law. Marina graduated with honors from the International University in Moscow. She holds an LLM in Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc in Criminal Justice and Criminology from the University of Oxford. Marina defended her PhD entitled ‘Complicity in International Criminal Law’ in 2014 at the European University Institute, in Florence. Prior to joining the IE, Marina was as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.

Marina’s current research interests lie at the intersection of international (criminal) justice and aesthetics. Marina coordinates Art and International Justice Initiative (ARTIJ) with the purpose of bringing more awareness to the experiential dimension of international justice. Marina’s other research projects include studying the purposes and limitations of international criminal justice, with the view of highlighting its symbolic value.  Marina also publishes in the fields of human rights law, terrorism and security studies, public international law and transitional justice. Finally, Marina is developing a new field of academic study –  the criminology of mass atrocities. Her most recent book co-edited with E. Van Sliedregt and S. Parmentier is entitled ‘Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities: Criminological and Socio-Legal Approaches to International Criminal Law’ (Hart Publishing, May 2019).


Academic Background:

  • PhD in Law, European University Institute (Florence, Italy) – 2010-2014
    Dissertation: “Complicity in International Criminal Law”
    Awarded EUI annual Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the best thesis in comparative law
  • MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK) – 2009-2010
  • LLM in Public International Law, University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – 2004-2005
  • Bachelor in Law, International University (Moscow, Russia) – 2000-2004


Professional experience:

  • iCourts Centre for Excellence, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen
    Postdoctoral fellow – September 2014 – September 2017
  • Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
    Researcher, Trial Chamber – June 2011 – September 2011
  • White & Case, LLC (Moscow, Russia)
    Associate, Arbitration and Litigation Department
    (September 2007-August 2009)
  • International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (The Hague, Netherlands)
    Legal Assistant, Defense
    September 2005 – May 2007



  • Winner of Paul Guggenheim Award monograph of outstanding quality on a subject of general interest and likely to make a real contribution to the study of international law (2019);
  • EUI annual Mauro Cappelletti Prize for the best thesis in comparative law (2015)


Selected Publications:

  • Aksenova, M. (2021). “Corporate Complicity in International Criminal Law: Potential Responsibility of European Arms Dealers for Crimes Committed in Yemen”. Washington International Law Journal, Vol. 30 (2)
  • Aksenova, M. (2020). “Substantive Law Issues in the Tokyo Judgment: From Facts to Law?” In Dittrich, V., Von Lingen, K., Osten, P., Makraiov, J. (Eds.). The Tokyo Tribunal: Perspectives on Law, History and Memory. Torkel Opsahl Academic Epublisher
  • Aksenova, M. (2020). “Symbolic Expression at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia”. In Stahn, C., Agius, C., Brammertz, S., Rohan, C. (Eds.). Legacies of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: A Multidisciplinary Account. Oxford University Press
  • Aksenova, M. (2019). “The Emerging Right to Justice in International Criminal Law: a Case Study of Colombia”. In Scheinin, M. (Eds.). Human Rights Norms in ‘Other’ International Courts. Cambridge University Press
  • Aksenova, M., Van Sliedregt, V., Parmentier, S. (Eds.). (2019). “Breaking the Cycle of Mass Atrocities: Criminological and Socio-Legal Approaches to International Criminal Law”. Hart Publishing
  • Aksenova, M., Marchuk, I. (2018). “Reinventing or Rediscovering International Law? The Russian Constitutional Court’s Uneasy Dialogue with the European Court of Human Rights”. International Journal of Constitutional Law, Vol. 16 (4): 1322-1346
  • Aksenova, M. (2017).” Of Victims and Villains in the Fight Against International Terrorism”. European Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 10 (1): 17-38
  • Aksenova, M., Burke, C. (2017). “The Chagos Islands Award: Exploring the Renewed Role of the Law of the Sea in the Post-Colonial Context”. Wisconsin International Law Journal, Vol. 35 (1): 1-38
  • Aksenova, M. (2017). “Human Rights at the International Criminal Court: Testing the Limits of Judicial Discretion”. Nordic Journal of International Law, Vol. 86: 1-23
  • Aksenova, M. (2017). “Symbolism as a Constraint on International Criminal Law”. Leiden Journal of International Law, Vol. 30(2), 475-499