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Soledad Atienza


Soledad Atienza


Vice Dean for International Relations and Director of the IE Law Schools Undergraduate programs


Clinical Education

Global, Comparative and European Law

Soledad Atienza is a Law Professor and is Vice Dean for International Relations at IE Law School. She is Director of the Undergraduate programs in Law at IE University.  She is senior advisor to the Academic and Professional Development Committee of the IBA.  She is co-director of the Pérez-Llorca / IE Chair for Commercial Law.  She has practiced as lawyer for five years at Pérez- Llorca  law firm.
She has a PhD in Social Sciences by IE University, an Executive MBA by IE Business School, a “ZertifiKat über Europäische Studien” by Europa Institut, Universität des Saarlandes and a Law Degree by CEU San Pablo. She has been visiting student at Cornell University.  She is author of the book “Enseñar Derecho. ¿Puede servirnos la experiencia de Estados Unidos?” (“Teaching Law. Can the US experience be useful?”) published by Aranzadi in 2014.

Academic Background:

  • PhD in Social Sciences, IE University
  • Ex MBA, IE Business School
  • ZertifiKat über Europäische Studien, Europa Institut, Universität des Saarlandes (Germany)
  • Law Degree, CEU San Pablo

Professsional Experience:

  • Since 2015 Vice Dean for International Relations IE Law School
  • Since 2010 Director Undergraduate Studies in Law IE University
  • 1998- 2003 Lawyer at Pérez-Llorca Law firm


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  • Teaching material: Multimedia case “The recruitment Challenge at Pérez-Llorca”. Awarded best case by IE Law School 2009.