Jaime Fernández

Founder, Fernández Madero Consulting

Jaime Fernández Madero is a strategy and management consultant for professional services firms and has extensive experience in the legal industry.

He is the founder of “”Fernández Madero Consulting”” (FMC), a management and strategy consultancy focused on firms and legal departments in Latin America. FMC is associated with Hildebrandt Consulting, a leading international legal consultant.

Fernández Madero was one of the founders of “”Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi””, one of the leading firms in Argentina. He was the firm’s managing partner for 10 years until 2009, when he left the firm to dedicate his career to the consultancy of firms of professional services.

Jaime Fernández Madero received a Master’s Degree in Organizational Studies (2011) from the Universidad de San Andrés, one of the leading business schools in Argentina and Latin America. He wrote the book “”Organizing Professional Services Firms: The Case of Lawyers,”” published in 2012 by Thomson Reuters; “The Law in Buenos Aires” and in 2013 “Gestao de Escritorios de Advogacía” published by Thomson Reuters Brazil.

Jaime Fernández Madero studied law at la Universidad Católica Argentina (1980) and holds a Master in Comparative Law from Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas (1982).