Innovation and Impact

Innovation and Impact

Paving the way for the legal industry’s future

At IE Law School, we know that the legal world is much more than a field of study. That’s why our school strives to build a solid foundation of training, innovation and reflection to drive progress in law—a highly demanding and multidisciplinary sector. In order to foster a holistic vision, we’ve created a series of disruptive initiatives that go far beyond our academic programs, actively helping our students and the global legal community to acquire a universal perspective of legal practice. These initiatives are based on three pillars: professional law, jurisprudence and social sciences.

These three pillars represent our training activity, our response to new challenges and our critical and reflective dimension. At IE Law School we’ve created specific initiatives in order to achieve these objectives: the LawAhead Hub, the LegalTech Innovation Farm, the Clinical Legal Education, the Global Legaltech Venture Days and the Blueprint for Global Legal Education.

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