Dual Degrees


Students can specialize in two areas, saving time and receiving two separate titles from IE or another collaborating institution. IE Law School has thought up the best program combinations for their students so that they can take advantage of integral training in the least amount of time possible.

IE´s Dual Degrees are suitable for highly motivated students that have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill-set in a specific area while developing the leadership and management skills that will enable them to take that one-step further in their specialized fields.

BUSINESS & LAW, more interconnected than ever

The following Dual Degree programs offered by IE Law School and IE Business School provide an excellent background and strong foundation for careers in law and/or business and is intended to broaden your career perspectives. In an increasingly complex global economy, successful organizations need leaders with not only top legal education, but also top-notch management training that will allow them to gain a deep understanding of all the factors at play in an international business landscape.

International MBA + Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.)

This Dual Degree gives students the chance to accelerate their professional development and become the kind of legal experts that today’s world demands. At IE, we believe the future of business is global, digital and increasingly complex. With that in mind, this program prepares students to adapt to the constantly evolving corporate landscape, gaining expertise in both business and corporate tax advising—all in less than two years’ time


International MBA + Master of Laws (LL.M.)

This innovative Dual Degree match a deep understanding of international law with the essential management tools needed to lead companies forward through an increasingly complex global economy. Students in these programs combine IE Business School’s top-ranked International MBA with one of IE Law School’s prestigious full-time LL.M.s to truly set themselves apart in the competitive job market.
Upon graduation, they’ll possess the confidence and skills needed to catapult their careers to the top and generate a positive impact at any organization, anywhere in the world.

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Master in Management + Máster en Asesoría Fiscal de Empresas (LL.M.)

This Dual Degree covers both essential management skills and the finer details of corporate and tax law. If you’re a recent graduate who wants to immediately accelerate your career in the legal marketplace, it’s vital to match a background in law with a deep understanding of today’s commercial landscape. In just 18 months, students in this program will acquire the knowledge and skills they need to put themselves in their clients’ shoes and solve even the most complex legal problems


Master in Management + Master of Laws (LL.M.)

In today’s globalized world, international transactions inevitably transcend jurisdictions. This Dual Degree is designed for ambitious recent graduates who are ready to confront this new reality and kick-start their legal careers. Students in these programs earn two renowned degrees from IE Business School and IE Law School, gaining not only international legal expertise, but also the management skills needed to lead teams and drive positive change. Upon graduation, they’ll possess the specialized legal skills and business knowledge necessary to stand out in today’s complex marketplace.

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Master in International Relations + Master of Laws (LL.M.)

By completing the Master in International Relations & the Master of Laws (LL.M.) Dual Degree, you will become an outstanding professional who combines a solid global affairs foundation with a comprehensive legal perspective. At IE we train our students not only to become experts in the field of Business Law but also conscientious international-oriented leaders who have the necessary skills to manage global operations and challenges with a more sustainable business approach.

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