Fintech: Legal Aspects and other implicationsStep up to your next challenge!

Tech and Innovation
April 25th to Sep 20th, 2019
Thursday - Friday evening
4 months
Tuition Fees
The tuition fee is 5.800 €

The Fintech Program provides participants with a sophisticated methodology to enhance the quality of the classes and permit the participants to benefit from a very broad range of professionals which have been carefully selected as the leading experts in each of the different sessions. This will foster and “out of the box” thinking applying the tools and analytical frameworks provided for in their own organizations.


  • An understanding of the wave of changes that we are seeing within the fintech sector
  • Clarity as to the challenges, threats and opportunity that this Digital Revolution will bring into the market.
  • A view from the other side of the fence: how to be innovative, disruptive and creative.
  • A clearer picture of your role as a leader, what can be expected of you or not, plus an understanding of your own leadership style – what you do well and how you can get better.
  • A review of your operational challenges, how to better structure and organize the business.
  • Ideas on how to make the change required, be that either getting buy-in to innovation or being organized or working in new and different ways.
  • Above all, knowing the value that you bring to your business and the knowledge and skills required for developing a successful career.


  • Global and multicultural Fintech program.
  • 360 approach in order to understand the business and its legal implications and barriers.
  • Possibility of developing a sandbox to foster innovation and interaction between participants and professors.
  • Leading individuals with the highest level of expertise from a theoretical and practical perspective.
  • Global networking between the participants.
  • Case studies approach to assimilate the contents.
  • Online approach to enable the global connection. Dates and times scheduled to reach all the time zones (14.00-17.00h).


IE Law School is an international community committed to the generation of legal knowledge in the corporate, economic and social context.

The School, with 40 years of experience in training lawyers, is an international reference in the area of business law and in the practice of global lawyering, due to our hands-on approach to legal problems as well as to our clinical method of active learning.

Our mission is to train lawyers capable of successfully confronting the challenges of the global economy and responsibly leading the transformation of law and the communities in which they practice their profession.

The Executive Education programs are designed for legal professionals wanting to expand their vision of the legal world and develop their business and management skills that are needed to respond to the new challenges facing the legal sector.

Without any doubt, top programs attract top students. Our programs’ hallmark is the constant search for the perfect blend between the best theory and the most innovative teaching methods, as well as a constant exposure to cutting-edge legal practice, a varied and exciting clinical program, the possibility of engaging in high-level scholar research and a great exchange programs. Our goal is to train fullrounded and entrepreneurial lawyers.



The program has been designed so that each lecture is conducted by an expert lecturer in the specific area and with the necessary practical experience to transfer attendees all the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise possible. Thus, the catalogue of lecturers has been selected in order to replicate a seminar structure and, therefore, provide students with an unparalleled added value.

The program will count with both a theoretical – practical and legal – business approach. Consequently, theory lectures will be alternated with practical seminars in order to allow a global understanding and comprehension of the concepts explained. Furthermore, each concept will rely on a conceptual explanation, be it technological, business or legal, as well as on the relevant consequences of each particular case.


The program consists of sixty sessions of one hour and a half each and will follow an online interactive approach, which breaks with the traditional models to transform the learning experience.