Lawyers´ Management Program Step up to your next challenge!

11/06 to 15/06
Face to face
Full Time
One week
Tuition Fees
9.500€ (including materials, meals, networking activities and accommodation); fee without lodging is 8.840€

The rules of the game are changing. The traditional model for legal services – which has remained basically the same for decades if not centuries – is now being seriously challenged. Old approaches are being shaken and sometimes broken, and as with all competitive markets increasingly “the winner takes it all”!

But once lawyers reach a certain level in their career – experience and knowledge – how can they take their career and their business to the next level? Now, the LMP helps lawyers understand the changing environment, develop clarity on where they want to be and understand what is required in order to get there. Join a world-class faculty for a 5-day program in Madrid where you can find the time, space and support to explore.

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Following the completion of this program, you will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the wave of changes that we are seeing within legal services. Gain clarity on what this means for your organization; the risks and opportunities, the changes needed and an actionable plan to lead change.
  • Have a clearer picture of your role as a leader: what is expected from you or not, plus an understanding of your own leadership style – what you do well and how to do it better. Have an external view of your business from the other side of the fence: be that of the client (in-house lawyer) or the external legal advisor (law firm).
  • Have a better understanding of what motivates your people, plus the influencing skills required to get them to where they need to go.
  • Review your operational challenges, how to better structure and organize the business.
  • Come up with ideas and insights on how to take the innovation leap, transform yourself and take your business to the next level of success.

Above all, you will know the value that you bring to your business and the knowledge and skills required for developing a successful career.

Program / Methodology

The program provides an innovative learning model where you will gain the skills and experience to put your ideas into practice.

The learning model includes:

  • Workshop sized classes and not large lecture theatres
  • Shared experiences and joint learning through interactive exercises and case-studies
  • Real world scenarios from business and not academic research
  • Clear and practical outcomes, closing with one-to-one executive coaching

Understanding the environment

Understand the changing environment for legal services and the risks and challenges this brings.

Create a framework for understanding the purpose and process of making a strategy and rise to the challenge of leading lawyers and making change happen.

Defining strategies in an uncertain context

Understand what this means for you and your organization.

Understand your own personal approach and style to leadership.

Evaluate the organization and structure required to support your strategy.

Understand the financial value and appropriate pricing of services.

Managing the implementation of change

Develop your strengths and recognizing your limits.

Learn tools of measurement and metrics in legal services.

Create the right climate for innovation.

Meet the organizational challenge: systems and processes required.

Innovate with services, service delivery and business models.

Learn about the challenges people face in a changing world.

Learn how to earn trust by effective networking.

Cultivate business development and personal skills.


Our Lawyers' Management Program is the only global program designed to better equip lawyers – be they within legal departments or law firms – with the knowledge and skills they require in this ever-changing environment.

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20 mar 2018


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