LL.M. in International Business Law - Study Plan

Above and beyond borders of a single legal system

The International Business Law Program

The LL.M. in International Business Law combines a world-class legal education with a comprehensive look at the corporate world. This hands-on business law program prepares you to manage and successfully complete global legal operations and transactions across different jurisdictions.

The corporate law degree follows a carefully designed learning journey to gradually explore more complex and comprehensive areas of business as the program progresses.

This international business law program follows a hands-on approach with customizable options to ensure it aligns with your professional goals. After the second period, you will begin the practical aspect, comprising two long-term projects where you will undertake modern challenges in dynamic environments. Alongside this, you can also personalize your program with electives in corporate law, European law, legal tech, and more.

We have carefully designed every aspect of this program to combine legal skills and business skills with emerging areas like legal tech, while also allowing you to develop the soft skills necessary for global success.
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The LL.M. in international business law structure


This international business law degree has a strong practical focus. The program itself allows you to explore the ins and outs of business law transactions, which you’ll put into practice in the last two periods with the "In House Legal Operations" and “Making a Deal” projects. You will also collaborate on a legal-based project during the program, where you’ll have to overcome a challenge in collaboration with top law firms and organizations. Alongside these core projects, you can also choose to take highly practical courses in legal tech and entrepreneurship.



You will take on this challenge with one of IE Law School’s global partner institutions, working hand-in-hand with global legal professionals. While the particulars of each challenge will vary, you will be tasked with helping legal departments overcome modern challenges, transforming them into more valuable strategic partners for their organization.




Put your knowledge to the test for the “Making a Deal” project, held during the third period of the business learning journey. For this project, you’ll work through each stage of completing an M&A transaction.

Participants will be asked to strike a deal after they make it through a competitive process limited to only two bidders, each representing a large company with several assets. Split into three groups—one seller and two potential buyers—students will have the chance to work under the supervision of three of our partners: Herbert Smith Freehills, EY and Baker McKenzie.

This exercise will test a number of skills, including your ability to navigate structuring a deal, tax advice, due diligence, identification of potential risks, legal analysis of specific issues, drafting legal documents, negotiation meetings, managing client expectations and arranging the steps needed to successfully complete the transaction. This hands-on project is the best way to truly understand the dynamics of high-level business practices. And, what’s more, it offers lawyers unique insight into preparing for lasting success at the global level.

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SHELL: Skills for Healthy and Effective Lawyers

IE Law School has introduced a new core module called SHELL: Skills for Healthy and Effective Lawyers. As part of the LL.M. in International Business Law, this module aims to prepare students for the new global world of work by giving them the necessary skills and tools to be tech-savvy and business aware but also approachable and culturally aware.


Legal Knowledge & Hands-on Projects

Business & Management Mindset

Soft Skills

Tech Tools

LL.M. in International Business Law Syllabus

In the international sphere, cross-border transactions are more frequent than ever. As such, this Module focuses on Mergers & Acquisitions (their possible structures, strategies, requirements and regulations) and every aspect of law that plays an important role on them, such as international taxation, together with venture capital transactions and IPO’s.

- Deals Structuring
- Cross-border M&A
- International Tax Framework
- Joint Ventures & Shareholders’ Agreements
- Capital Markets & IPOs

This module comprises the backbone to every international corporate lawyer. It will provide hands-on formation on the understanding, structure, content and drafting of international contracts together with a unique set of skills that will allow students to assess the kind of contract that’s more favorable for their clients on any given transaction.

- International Contracts
- Contract Drafting

One of the main pillars of IE’s educational model is based on innovation and investment in technological development. This module opens students to the world of technology and innovation and its role in the legal sphere.

- Digital DNA: Data Insights & Visualization
- Digital DNA: Technology for Innovation

- Legal Project Management

Global corporate lawyers need to be aware of the corporate ADR processes and negotiation techniques in order to properly assess their clients as per their best interests during international transactions and in any dispute that may arise. In order to do so, an exceptional corporate lawyer needs to dominate the possible scenarios arising from different applicable laws in the international arena.

- Negotiation
- International Dispute Resolution: International Arbitration

This module is of paramount importance to the academic formation of a global lawyer, since it is designed to introduce students to the most important legal systems globally. As such, it comprises the study of the basics and fundamentals of Common Law and Civil Law. Furthermore, it focuses extendedly on the fundamentals and specifics of EU commercial law.
It also studies the multiple changes experienced by the legal practice in different years and diverse fields of law directly involved in international business, such as antitrust, intellectual property law, and trade law, among others.

- Introduction to Common Law Systems
- Introduction to Civil Law Systems
- Comparative Corporate Law
- European Commercial Law
- Conflicts of Law
- International Trade Law
- Rethinking the Law
- Antitrust
- IP & Data Protection

Being an integral professional demands the acquisition of knowledge and experiences beyond the formal legal arena. As such IE offers students tools to develop the interpersonal skills necessary to conduct successful business transactions.

- Emotional Intelligence
- Time Management I & II
- Communication Skills
- Cross-collaboration
- Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving
- Leading Others
- Accelerate

An exceptional corporate lawyer needs to understand how its clients’ business works, and the external forces that may affect it. Hence, this module focuses on enhancing student’s understanding on accounting, strategic and financial management, project management, corporate Governance and economics. Special attention is paid to the entrepreneurial skills necessary to succeed in business.

Finally, the Module will provide insight on the latest advances on the area of compliance that may affect corporations, enabling students to advise clients in the broadest way possible.

- Financial Accounting
- Corporate Finance
- Financial Management: Business Valuation
- Corporate Governance
- Compliance
- Private Equity
- Business Ethics
- Strategy & Innovation
- Global Economy

- In-house Legal Management
- M&A Making a Deal
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