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Pair your broad skill set and global vision with a focused specialization to stand out in your area of interest.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) is designed to produce lawyers who not only have a holistic vision and global skill set, but also come equipped with one of the three certified specializations: International Business Law, International Dispute Resolution or Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) Postgraduate Diplomas of Specialist (PgDip) provide an opportunity for junior practitioners to specialize in an area of choice. Taught by a mix of prestigious researchers and practicing lawyers, the PgDips offer a highly enriching learning journey that fuels professional development through real-world insights. What’s more, through partnerships with top companies, law firms and renowned institutions, each specialization area offers dynamic, hands-on learning experiences.

Upon completion of the program, you’ll have acquired a wealth of knowledge surrounding the challenges, realities and future of your chosen area. You’ll graduate empowered to follow a career path that aligns with your own interests, with an internationally recognized certification to validate your expertise.

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International Business Law

Globalization and business internationalization—coupled with the economic impact of rapid technological change—calls for lawyers with transversal skill sets. Complex, multijurisdictional transactions are the standard for large multinationals, and commercial lawyers must acquire a theoretical, commercial and practical understanding of these cross-border transactions to manage client’s needs and expectations.

This specialization in International Law responds to these changes, educating the next generation of border-breaking commercial lawyers. It offers rigorous academic and professional training in corporate law, finance, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, tax, international trade, antitrust, and other vital modules for today’s commercial lawyers. Real-life examples and case studies will give students practical, technologically focused experience into deals of this kind, paving the way for their future careers.


    Key benefits of an International Business Law specialization

    • Acquire a comprehensive overview of inner workings of the international corporate world.
    • Learn to structure, manage and complete highly complex, multi-stakeholder corporate transactions.
    • Get to grips mandatory topics in comparative corporate law, capital markets and cross-border M&A.
    • Combine legal know-how with business administration, accounting and technology.
    • Discover the business and legal expertise needed to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.
  • What you’ll study

    What you’ll study

    Combining a world-class legal education with a 360º overview of the corporate world, our specialization in International Business Law teaches students to design, structure, manage and complete cross-border corporate transactions. These transactions can take a variety of forms, so students can customize their options throughout the program, and align their studies with their professional goals.

    They will get the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice with two immersive, hands-on projects. In addition, students will gain a holistic understanding of legal project management, effective conflict resolution, global business, and drafting, as well as the soft skills needed to thrive in a multicultural workplace.


IE Law School’s most prestigious academics have come together with world-leading practitioners to design immersive educational experiences. While gaining the tools of success, the aim is to inspire a new generation of lawyers to rethink traditional approaches to international business law.

In-house Legal Management Project

This inmmersive project with Banco Santander involves taking a strategic, business-minded approach to develop key cross-functional managerial skills essential for in-house lawyers. After a number of theory sessions, students develop and present a case in groups, followed by an individual feedback session.


Making a Deal Project

The Making a Deal project is divided into two parts. First, students will join with one of IE Law School’s global partner institutions to help a legal department overcome a predefined challenge. In the second project, students work through an M&A transaction, as either the seller or buyer, carrying out the entire structuring and negotiation process from due diligence and drafting to negotiation and completion. What’s more, students will work under the supervision of three of our partners: Herbert Smith Freehills, EY and Baker McKenzie.

This exercise will challenge a number of skills of the students, including their ability to deal with structuring a deal, tax advice, due diligence, identification of potential risks, legal analysis of specific issues, drafting legal documents, negotiation meetings, management of the client’s expectations and the arrangement of all necessary steps for the successful completion of the transaction.

Logos Herbert Smith Freehills, EY y Baker McKenzie

Moot Court Competitions

Students in this specialization have the option to take part in various Moot Court Competitions. The competitions open to them include the IE University’s Comparative Law in Action, Vienna Moot Court, Moot Court Madrid and the European Law Moot Court Competition.

IE Legal Clinic

Students can choose to take part in the IE Legal Clinic, where they provide pro-bono services to put their new skills into practice.

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International Dispute Resolution

Defending clients’ rights in a dispute is a lawyer’s quintessential role. However, today’s globalized world has multiplied the variety of forms, settings, jurisdictions and legal systems that attorneys need to navigate in order to make those rights prevail.

Presenting a case in front of a national court or arbitral tribunal remains a defining moment in a lawyer’s career. Today, however, achieving this requires being prepared to deal strategically with cross-border litigation, parallel proceedings or international insolvency situations. As a business lawyer, this will also mean seeking the protection afforded by international investment law, and undertaking structured business mediation when appropriate.

This specialization prepares you to become an accomplished, versatile lawyer in the international business dispute resolution arena of the 21st century.

  • Key benefits

    Key benefits of an international dispute resolution specialization

    • Acquire a 360o overview of business dispute resolution, including international commercial arbitration, cross-border litigation in the EU and beyond, investor-state dispute resolution and structured mediation.
    • A strong foundation in business law matched with business administration.
    • Benefit from a balance between solid legal understanding and practical exposure right from day one.
    • Learn from a world-class faculty composed of academics and practitioners from major international seats, including Madrid, Paris, London and Geneva.
    • Immerse yourself in Madrid—home to some of the most active sectors prone to disputes, including construction, energy, infrastructure, communications and finance.
  • What you’ll study

    What you’ll study

    Central to this specialization are the mandatory courses in international commercial arbitration, international investment law and arbitration, transnational civil procedure and cross-border litigation. Students put their skills to test from day one, with workshops and moot competitions, allowing them to develop the core set of skills an effective dispute resolution practitioner needs.

    As the year evolves, students are free to dig deeper into courses of their choice. They may wish to deepen their knowledge of substantive legal issues such as contract law and damages. Alternatively, they may want to explore the intricacies of specific sectors including construction, energy and finance. On the other hand, they could take a regional stance by completing a Spanish-taught course on arbitration law and practice in Spain and Latin America.


The International Dispute Resolution specialization prepares you for a career in this challenging and exciting field. Beyond gaining solid academic and theoretical knowledge, you will also benefit from professional experiences and broad interdisciplinary training. This is further enhanced with opportunities for skills development in all relevant areas, including both private and public means of dispute resolution at an international level.

ICC International Court of Arbitration visit in Paris

One of the professors in this specialization is Ana Serra e Moura, Deputy Secretary General of the Court of Arbitration in Paris. In the second semester, participants will have the unique opportunity to join Professor Serra e Moura in a visit to the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

During the four-day visit to the French capital, students will take part in academic arbitration and mediation sessions led by the ICC. Participants will also get the opportunity to join in a practical session and workshop moderated by Professor Serra e Moura, as well as a panel discussion featuring leading professionals in the field.

Logo ICC International Chamber of Commerce

MIAC Internship and Mentoring Program

IE Law School and Madrid International Arbitration Center (MIAC) signed a collaboration agreement with the aim to offer selected students of the specialization in International Dispute Resolution the opportunity to take part in a mentoring program and to take an internship at MIAC, an innovative institution for international dispute resolution, that provides independent, transparent and efficient dispute resolution services in four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

Participants will also get the opportunity to participate in a conference cycle during the Master of Law’s.

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Sidley Austin LLP, White & Case and Herbert Smith Freehills Training Programs

This specialization offers the opportunity to complete a training program with professionals from Sidley Austin LLP, White & Case and Herbert Smith Freehills. Once the LL.M. has been completed, selected students will have the opportunity to take part in a mentorship program with a leading professional of one of the firms. Alternatively, students could gain an internship at one of the firms to continue their career development.

Logos Sidley, White & Case y Herbert Smith Freehills

Moot Court Competitions

Students in this specialization have the option to take part in the moot court competitions. These include the Vienna Moot Court, Moot Court Madrid, and the European Law Moot Court Competition, where volunteers are challenged to present a variety of cases that mirror real legal scenarios. The Vienna Moot Court competition attracts over three hundred law schools and is considered one of the most prestigious moot competitions in the world. Likewise, students can take part in the European Law Moot Court Competition, where they are challenged to solve and present a hypothetical EU law case to a faux Court of Justice.

IE Legal Clinic

Students can choose to take part in the IE Legal Clinic, where they provide pro-bono services to put their new skills into practice.

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Intellectual Property and Technology Law

An onslaught of new tech, media and business ventures have opened up a flood of legal questions regarding intellectual property. The rapid rise of streaming entertainment, social media, artificial intelligence applications, and online commerce makes Intellectual Property & Technology Law a hotbed of developments for the lawyer of the 21st century.

Intangible assets including new creative works, big data depositories, and digital applications are central components of our communication infrastructure and digital society. Around the world, governments and organizations are investigating how to best regulate this ever-growing wealth of intangible goods; how the law is and how it should be applied to foster innovation and sustainable technological development. As e-commerce, art, finance and business startups flourish in the digital space, how does tech regulation —including competition law, data protection, cybersecurity— and intellectual property tools such as copyright, trademarks and patents uphold the rights of authors, creators, scientists and ordinary digital citizens?

With this specialization you will develop practical skills in the various domains of Intellectual Property and Technology Law. You will delve into the legal, technical, and ethical challenges and opportunities associated to law, technology, and innovation and acquire leadership skills to thrive in a vibrant and transforming legal landscape.

  • Key benefits

    Key Benefits of the Intellectual Property and Technology Law specialization

    • Benefit from IE Law School’s spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and diversity
    • Learn from a world-class faculty composed by academics and practitioners with long standing expertise and world-wide recognition in IP and Technology Law
    • Benefit from a practice-orientation program with a strong focus on IP and Technology Law practice enforced by hands-on projects in tech companies and internships within law firms and IP institutions
    • Be part of our synergies with major tech partners, including Google and IBM, law firms, and international institutions – such as the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Alicante and the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich.
    • Discover the vibrant business world of Madrid, one of the liveliest Legal Tech and Financial Tech hubs in the world


    Students will focus equally on the various domains of Intellectual Property and Technology Law, encompassing innovation law and policy and also trade secrets, competition, data protection and cybersecurity. With regard to IP, students will learn how to advise companies on the protection of their IP assets, the building of their IP portfolio, and the legal management and protection of data. They will also learn the secrets of successful patent filings and trademark registrations as well as IP litigation. As for Technology Law, students will explore key technological developments and how they intersect with law—from machine learning and automation, to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

    The broad offering of mandatory and elective courses will provide students with a comprehensive insight into the legal, technical, and ethical challenges and opportunities associated with law, technology, and innovation. This will open the door to pursue professional careers in the fields of cybercrime and cybersecurity assessing and successfully managing risks and costs of effective protection. Mandatory topics include copyright, patent and trademark law, information privacy law, competition law, cybersecurity and computer crimes. The specialization offers a series of exciting electives, including entertainment and media, arts and sports law, to ensure that students design their own learning journey.

    Finally, alongside acquiring leadership skills to thrive in a vibrant and transforming legal landscape, the students of this program will benefit from an established network of partners, tech companies, law firms, and international organizations, and will be trained to immediately work within some of these partners.


In the Intellectual Property and Technology Law specialization we give you all the guidance and tools you need to make your best version of yourself, helping you to discover, develop and enrich skills and talents to put both your life and your career on the right track, opening the doors wide to your future.

Traineeship Program with EPO and EUIPO

In this specialization, students can take advantage of IE University’s Traineeship agreement with EPO and EUIPO. As part of this, IP and Technology Law electees will have the opportunity to participate in the selection process of a 12-month traineeship program, with either EPO or EUIPO. This partnership forms part of their Pan-Europe Seal Program, qualifying IE Law School as an official academic partner of both organizations.


IE Legal Clinic

Students can choose to take part in the IE Legal Clinic, where they provide pro-bono services to put their new skills into practice.

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"In the changing international business landscape, corporate lawyers need to have a transversal understanding of business, which includes the fundamentals of its administration, the impact of technology, and being familiar with international environments. Practitioners with such holistic perspectives are best positioned to offer their clients advice, either as an in-house in multinational companies or as legal counsel in cross-border M&A transactions."
"The business world is increasingly in need of versatile litigators who are ready to navigate the often-troubled waters of cross-border disputes. Between general advisors and niche specialists, clients will always rely on vocational, adaptable, sophisticated, and strategically-minded dispute resolution practitioners to ensure their rights are upheld."
"Technology is an ever-evolving force. It enhances human capacities, expands market capabilities and produces value and growth. The lawyer of the future needs to build a sophisticated, active, and forward-looking profile to successfully meet increasing needs of innovation and technology markets."
"The global vision I received at IE Law School inspired me to discover my true potential as an international business lawyer. I graduated as a citizen of an international community with a renewed sense of pride in the legal profession and a great sense of responsibility to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired at IE to help shape the world."


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