Programs in Corporate Law

In an increasingly interconnected corporate landscape, lawyers must understand how different legal systems around the world operate in order to fully address legal issues and offer their clients more comprehensive services. That’s why it’s essential that legal professionals continue to undergo training to expand their knowledge.

The Corporate Law programs at IE Law School cover all of the essential legal operations, from the main functions of the Board of Directors, to the management of supporting legal documents and overseeing due diligence reports.

IE Law School offers specialized programs in corporate and bankruptcy law, as well as one of the most significant industries in today’s global economy — the pharmaceutical sector. Our programs are immensely practical and on the cutting edge of changes in this sector. Participants will not only develop the skills needed for managing legal and regulatory matters, but will also gain greater awareness and understanding of the technological innovations affecting this field.

Explore our Corporate Law programs and find the one that best suits your needs.


El Programa abarca dos ámbitos, uno relativo a las operaciones más abundantes que son las compras de empresas tradicionales por corporaciones absorbentes y otro relativo a operaciones más avanzadas entre agentes económicos de similar talla, describiendo los instrumentos usados en cualquiera de estas operaciones.
Analizándose, asimismo, los aspectos legales y fiscales, la elaboración y análisis de una correcta due-diligence, así como el desarrollo de habilidades específicas que ha de tener un abogado en este tiempo de operación de M&A.

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Tratamiento desde un punto de vista jurídico, económico y práctico de las cuestiones más importantes para el funcionamiento de las empresas en crisis. Estudio de los temas más relevantes en el tema concursal.

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Programa Ejecutivo Dirección de Empresas Inmobiliarias

El Programa Ejecutivo de Dirección de Empresas Inmobiliarias aborda esa nueva situación desde un punto de vista integral, tocando toda la cadena de valor del sector y analizando en profundidad cada una de las áreas de gestión con especial foco en la inversión. Este módulo prepara a los candidatos a obtener el APC (Assesment of Professional Competence) de la ROYAL INSTITUTION OF CHARTERED SURVEYORS, una de las más prestigiosas cualificaciones profesionales del sector a nivel internacional.

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Programs in Management

A Good Management is a key factor in the performance of law firms and legal departments of companies. Present day lawyers should not only have a technical command of the subject, but also develop soft skills. At IE Law School we offer the necessary tools to strengthen soft skills, so that they are up to date with the latest management trends.

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Programs in Tech & Innovation

Technological Innovation plays a strategic role in all sectors of the economy, including the legal sector, propelling the updating and education of professionals. Our programs will help you developing the tools and knowledge required by the market.

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Programs in Tax/Financial Law

Being an expert in tax makes a difference because of its importance in all sectors. Our tax/financial programs will help you develop the tools and knowledge demanded by the market and become the professional your clients are looking for.

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IE Law School Compliance

Programs in Compliance

Corporate compliance not only takes on the responsibility of ensuring that companies meet the regulations imposed upon them by various governing bodies. A career in Compliance offers many ways to make an impact on corporations and society.

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