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Letter from Dean

IE School of Architecture and Design, an international, private institution, reflects the goals of the larger IE institution. These goals include a constant striving for excellence, the belief that diversity and multiple points of view can lead to a greater understanding and create knowledge, an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to see unexpected opportunities and the fact that innovation can open up new and exciting ways of thinking, learning and taking action.

The fields of architecture and design are undergoing great changes due to globalization, technology and the expansion of the discipline from traditional roles to new areas and new ways of working.  Architecture and design studies can gain much from other disciplines.  Our School uses a multidisciplinary approach to see the “big picture” and works collaboratively with our colleague schools such as business, human sciences and technology or law and receives input from professionals in the field.

How can we tackle major global challenges? How can we interact with our built environment? How can we will live in cities? How can we use our resources? How can we improve the quality of life for all? These questions and many more are intimately linked to architecture and design. Our built environment and almost anything we use in our daily lives have input from architects and designers.

Architecture and design also have to do with our culture, our identity, and our time and place. It is an exciting time to be involved in these fields. There are many opportunities for professional fulfillment and charting one’s own path. IE welcomes to its community people who are curious about the world around them, who are not daunted by complex situations, who are open to new uses for technology, who want to be leaders who envision a better future, and who understand that the ultimate clients for architecture and design are people, communities and society as a whole.

Martha Thorne,
Dean IE School of Architecture and Design


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