Bertha's Village : Limassol, Cyprus Intergenerational rehabilitation and late living programs

Analysis, Scenario Planning and Design brief

This project initiates the exploration into the design and operational guidelines for a senior home and intergenerational rehabilitation project in Cyprus. It delves into extensive multi-dimensional research, including analyzing public data sets, case studies, comparative analysis, and academic research. Practical field visits and collaborative sessions with the project development team complemented our endeavor.

We commenced our inquiry by examining specific public data sets such as demographic, economic, environmental, geographical, and health data. Social and political data and details concerning local flora, fauna, and seasonal plantings were also considered. Recognizing the diverse local context, these data sets served as a compass, guiding our understanding of the area and its population.

We found that navigating the challenges of material sourcing on an island like Cyprus is critical to this project, which pushed us to explore strategies to balance the use of local and imported materials, given the environmental impact of transportation.

The goal is to harness locally available resources, align the architecture with the local context, and reduce carbon emissions. Simultaneously, we recognize the necessity of importing certain materials to ensure high-quality, sustainable construction and modern design.