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Letter from the Director

Dear prospective student,

Did you know that, on an average day, professionals spend over 65% of their working hours away from their desk? This means office buildings around the globe are regularly half-empty, yet organizations still pay for the space! How is this sustainable?

Or, when an online store opens a brick-and-mortar one, did you know that online sales go up in that geographic area? As e-commerce players are quickly realizing, a symbiotic relationship is often essential for success.

And what about the portmanteau bleisure? Have you heard of this concept of taking a business trip and adding a short vacation at the end? Combining work and play is an emerging trend, especially among younger travelers, and hotel owners must be ready to address this in terms of services and spaces.

How can design respond to these issues?

The Master in Strategic Interior Design helps you respond to new needs and changing paradigms to become a designer of the future.

With us, you will become aware of the impact the built environment has on human behavior and relationships. We will help you understand the connection between the organization of a workforce and its workspaces. You will gain insights into how hoteliers and retailers improve their engagement with customers depending on the customer experience—something that is directly related to physical and digital space—and how these companies present themselves.

With this master’s program, you will learn how to make a positive impact through your design solutions because you will be aware of the connections between space, culture, technology, sustainability, and well-being. On top of this, you will discover how technology is reshaping the way we interact, communicate, collaborate, learn, shop, and are entertained.

You will propose strategies to approach the complex issues that will lead to responsive physical and digital environments. This approach will help you optimize the resources that you use in your projects: your energy and ideas, the use of time, and the natural and economic resources of the companies and organizations that are your clients.

The entire program is centered around learning by doing, beginning with simple projects that become more complex as you progress. Every subject will enable you to develop projects to a more advanced standard than you may have previously imagined.

You will realize that design is the driver of change, making innovation tangible and disruption possible. Design is the key to unlocking creativity and innovation. In a broad sense, design stands out as one of the most high-potential fields for ambitious professionals in the future.

The Master in Strategic Interior Design will provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to strategically tackle today’s emerging challenges. By developing this critical set of skills, you will future-proof your career—even as the predicted 40-75 million jobs are automated or robotized by 2030.

You will learn to translate needs and expectations into design solutions and measure the success of those proposals.

Alongside this, you will develop critical-thinking, storytelling through design narrative, negotiation, and collaboration skills—while exploring the never-ending limits of your creativity. You will discover how to outwit trends and passing fads, leveraging design as a tool of timelessness and enduring relevance. This will enable you to become fully conscious of the environmental impact of your design and plan for longevity in your proposals.

Are you ready to stay forever fresh and relevant? Keep reading… and welcome to the Master in Strategic Interior Design!

Elvira Muñoz
Director of Master in Strategic Interior Design
Principal of Interior Design for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at AECOM


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