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IE University designs first indicator to optimize the impact of logistics

IE University designs the world’s first indicator to optimize the impact of logistics on cities

Designed by IE Center for Sustainable Cities in collaboration with Prologis, the tool analyzes urban management challenges and proposes sustainable solutions.

IE University’s Center for Sustainable Cities and Prologis have designed a tool that analyzes the challenges of urban management and optimizes logistics to drive innovation in cities through sustainable solutions. Today, Monday, IE announced the Last Mile Logistics Impact Index, the first indicator designed worldwide that analyzes the challenges of the logistics sector, which has grown rapidly in recent years, and optimizes its impact on the growth of cities. This index, the first to be developed internationally, has been applied in Madrid and Barcelona in this first phase, and can be implemented in any city in the world to obtain logistics solutions for each urban ecosystem.

“The increase in density of cities together with the increase of e-commerce, especially after the pandemic, is a global challenge. From the IE Center for Sustainable Cities, we identified that until 2020 there were no systems to evaluate the impact of logistics in cities and we worked to propose solutions that take into account all the factors that build cities: environmental, social, political and urban planning,” explains Manuel Perez Romero, Chair of the IE Center for Sustainable Cities and Director of the report.

04 Jul 2022


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Collaborations in the City: Consulting Project with Longchamp

Unlocking Longchamp: A Consulting Project That Provided Students with Experience in Brand Awareness and Retail

As part of the practical course “Communicating through objects: Experiencing luxury”, students worked hand in hand with the French luxury brand ...

26 May 2022


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Internships: Combining theory and practice in unique settings | IE

Internships: Combining theory and practice in unique settings

By Martha Thorne and Matan Mayer. In Spain, the path to gaining a license to practice architecture necessitates completing a degree program.

26 Apr 2022


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Architecture students explore real-time engines | IE A&D

Architecture students explore real-time engines, a tool that is revolutionizing the way architects work

The use of these tools allows architects to focus on the core of their work allowing them to produce more and better in less time. - Ángel Flores

22 Apr 2022


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IE University hosts the first Metaverse Summit in Madrid | IE Architecture & Design

IE University hosts the first Metaverse Summit in Madrid

Marking the start of a collaborative partnership that recognizes the role of architects and designers in shaping the virtual future known as the ...

09 Mar 2022


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A Community of Makers and Digital Artisans Led by Women at IE FabLab

We spoke with María Elena Cardiel and Lorena Delgado, the two women who run the FabLabs at the Segovia and Madrid campuses respectively.

Both agree unanimously on the two things that make these spaces unique: the magic of the learning by doing methodology; and the community of makers created in them that generates and shares knowledge around the world.

María Elena and Lorena have always been attracted to technology, and say a world of possibilities opened up for them when they discovered the field of digital fabrication. “The leap from designing, digitally or manually, to the fabrication of objects and models is something we never imagined as students. Thanks to the digital fabrication tools available to us we can prototype, visualize and simulate specific or general aspects of our designs. And little by little it turns us from being mere designers on paper to being digital artisans or makers,” explains Lorena.

08 Mar 2022


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Extra-Ordinary Projects at Design Studio VI: An Opportunity to Explore Diverse Architectural Responses to Social Issues

Every semester, the professors propose focusing on a specific demographic, placing the user at the center of the design process and researching ...

04 Mar 2022


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IE University officially launches its new Master in Architecture in collaboration with UNStudio

IE School of Architecture and Design welcomes Ben van Benkel to IE Tower on Wednesday, February 9th for the launch of its new Master in Architecture.

04 Feb 2022


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Trends shaping urban life in 2022

Cristina Mateo, associate dean at IE School of Architecture and Design, considers the five key issues shaping the daily urban experience.

17 Jan 2022


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